Thursday, 2 January 2014

Looking back....Looking forward.....

Happy Brew Year!!!!
After taking a short break over the holiday period I am back and feeling refreshed and ready to tackle another year!!

Looking back over my (almost) first full year on wow it's quite weird for me to imagine the time when I couldn't tell the difference between PvP gear and PvE gear, when I didn't know what gems were for or how to get them, and tanking was a long way away from anything I could possibly do....
Still, thanks to some friends, I soon learned how to play (this can be a debatable statement ;) ), within 3 months of starting I had 3 level 90s, (here they are!!)

 I had secured myself a place in a raid group on my Warlock, I leveled tailoring and enchanting, not at the same time, which turned out to be quite expensive, and not to mention the fact that I thought you could only enchant an item once and didn't know what enchanting vellum was.....yes, I WAS that daft, but we wont go there!!
Some of my other highlights of 2013 include: Moving guild to get the chance to play my beloved monk, meeting one of our new guildies in person, had a fantastic week!! Getting my "Master of them All" achievement, getting my 6th level 90, completing the SoO raid on my tank, something some people never thought would happen. Last but not least, joining the Monk community, tuning in to watch Monk Meditation every week, checking all the blogs to see who's posted what, and what tips I can pick up, and being welcomed into the community itself like an old friend. 
    Finally, at the end of the year on boxing day I turned 30. This was a fairly big milestone for me, and I'm sure some people would wonder why a 30 year old woman still delights in playing computer games, all I can say is this..... once a gamer....ALWAYS a gamer!! My husband clearly supports this theory but getting me this AWESOME T-shirt for Christmas ;)

Looking forward to what this year has in store for me, I plan to get my last 5 90's to complete the full set of classes, I will be posting more on how I approach bosses and also raid leading situations. I will in the near future be talking about the upcoming Warlords of  Draenor Expansion, what I like the look of, what I don't like the look of, and the potential switch to a different spec for raiding purposes. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year, I would like to thank the following people for welcoming me into the community and give them a bit of a shout out, go check out their blogs if you haven't already....go on....GO!!!!!

The futures bright, the futures Green ;)

These are the people that have made me feel so welcome, thanks guys!!

Sunnier - you can visit her Blog here: Sunniers Art of War
Chaithi - Host of monk meditation, which you can watch.... Here!!
Vaylen - Check out his blog Legacy of the Brew
Arielle - Follow here on twitter @ArielleEJ
Daikatsu - Follow here on twitter @DaikatsuCTR
Naoyuki - Follow here on twitter @Naoyuki_CtR
Ayr - Follow here on twitter @AyrMonk

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