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Builds for Bosses Pt 3

I had ALMOST forgotten about this little set of posts!! I shall continue with my personal builds for more of the bosses momentarily, first of all I would just like to mention that I have a new Bloggers and podcasts page, which you can access by clicking the tab at the top of the main page, I would love people to go and check it out, it has blogs from all different specs, and some other classes too. It's something I have been meaning to do for a while, as the little list down the left of my page was just getting too big!! Ok, onto the meat of this post, my personal builds for different bosses, today I shall cover General Nazgrim, Malkorok and Thok the Bloodthirsty, so sit back, chillax and lets get on with it!!

General Nazgrim.   

Ahh the General....I don't mind sharing with you that our Guild Masters video of the main groups first kill for this almost made me cry, (Incoming lore nerd) I love Nazgrim and I am actually gutted that we have to kill him as part of the raid. Never-the-less *Drinks a can of man up!* This is how I like to approach the fight stat wise (and trinket wise now I actually have some to choose from!!) and what sort of damage you can expect too come across. 
   Naz himself doesn't really hit very hard to start with, by this I mean his general melee swings aren't too bad, and he deals no magic damage so I leave my guard unglyphed, and select Dampen harm, and this is usually what I will use in case he does manage to get a war song off - which he will do if he gains 70 rage, this happened to us a few times on progress so I found it was good to have it ready to help the healers out with. I will happily take either Xuen or RJW for this fight, Xuen provides a nice DPS boost and if you can control him well enough he can help you out massively with adds in the very end phase. However if you find that shiny tiger a little to wiley, RJW is also great for a bit of extra threat gen' on those warshamans during the extra adds phase. 
   As the fight goes on, Nazgrim changes stances, just be aware that during his Beserker stance he does gain a 25% damage increase, so I like to make sure I have a guard up going into this stance. Another thing to note for this stance is that he generates 100% more rage, so you and your co tank need to make sure that there are no mistakes made when swapping him during this phase. Other than that, the assassin adds will never target a tank, but your dps may appreciate a quick leg sweep to keep them safe if you have the time, I prefer this talent over the ring of peace, but that is a personal preference and you can target the RoP on another player to silence a shammy if you need to, which makes them equally viable talent choices in my eyes. None of the adds will cause you any great deal of damage, the ravagers DO hurt if you get one up, if we ever got one I used my Fortifying Brew and tried to keep Naz away from them. Due to the low incoming damage I prefer a crit build for this fight, it means I can help out with the dps a little, which is very welcomed when you are helping with adds. Trinkets I chose the Curse of Hubris for that extra crit burst, and the Sigil of rampage for the cleave on the adds, also I like the Agi procs on this for the extra attack power.


One of our groups "Sticky" Bosses. After healing it this week I can see why. There are phases in this fight where you can expect a shed ton of damage, but fear not, as Brewmasters we can do what we do best...cheesing mechanics. For the stats on this fight I love to go all out Mastery, and I mean ALL OUT. I will stack every last piece I can , and while we were progressing I even swapped from my preferred Dual Wield to a polearm so that I could drop a load of expertiese and replace it with mastery. Why you say? He doesn't hit that hard? Well, no, he doesn't, but during the Blood Rage phase he hits for 1.8 million a swing and as we were struggling with the healing on that phase we decided to try it with me solo tanking it. Now, I will say that I have the 4 set bonus which I have found to be VERY useful for this particular part, being able to heal 15% of the amount I have staggered (which is high due to all the mastery) almost feels like cheating. I now couple this with the juggernauts focusing crystal (During this phase I am hitting like a truck myself and so the healing becomes a bit insane from this trink!). I dont have a particular preference for my other trinket, though I tend to go with the Curse of hurbis, because it gives a nice chunk of extra HP to work with, however I have done it with the Sigil equipped by mistake and I didn't really notice much of a difference and again, the Agi procs are nice.
   The only thing I am really careful of with this boss is making sure I have NO stacks of fatal strike going into the Blood Rage, that seemed to result in an insta-death so I have to work with my co tank to ensure that we are taunting at 12 or as close to it as we can. For talents i like to take Xuen for the DPS boost, Dampen Harm for the defensive CD, chi wave as it's spammable and helps the healers a fair bit.

Thok the pain in the a....Bloodthirsty. 

As you can guess from the title we have had our fair share of wipes on this, and the only time we killed it was with me on my priest as an extra healer. however, having tanked it for our main group and spending 3 weeks wiping on it, I do have a nice little set up for tanking him. 
   First of all, after healing this boss I have to say we tanks have it SO EASY. No being chased around the room. I swear I would rather tank this boss no matter how hard he hits than do anything else on this fight!! Now, getting my setup for this fight took a few attempts until I was comfortable. It all came down to weighing up the physical damage vs the magical damage. My main problem was to glyph the guard or not to glyph? Let's number crunch; physical damage, first phase, 200k 3 times, fairly spaced out, plus regular melee attacks, and the deafening screech of 300k in each of the 4 tanking phases. Magical damage 500k per blast for the acid phase (ouch) 200k per blast for the water phase and 200k + a 75k ticking dot for the fire phase. I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to go about this, but when I saw those magic damage numbers my first thought began with F and ended with off!! 
   The build I have settled on is to stack mastery, take dampen harm and keep potion of the mountains handy to deal with the physical damage, as it is more spread out it seems a little easier to cope with. Also disarming the jailer and/or having a hunter/druid take off his enrage makes him hit like a kitten. I then Glyph my guard, and take chi burst to help out with the healing during the stacking phases. I like to take tigers lust for this fight as it helps out if you need to help a buddy escape the impending doom of becoming meaty chunks, or if you need to go pick up the jailer in a hurry. For trinkets I like to take Rooks Unlucky Talisman to help reduce the fire damage in the last phase and the Juggernauts focusing crystal to help with healing myself. Before I had this trinket I took the Curse of Hubris to ensure I had crit bursts for building up brew stacks when needed.

That's it for those 3, feel free to ask any questions, you can either comment them here or reach me on twitter or via my email address. Happy Brewing!!

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