Friday, 10 January 2014

What a week!!

This week seems to have been very busy and exciting for my little monk, I am aiming to have my WoD post out in the next few days, but I would love to share a few things for todays post.

The Trinket dropped....

Yes, I have finally gotten my furry paws on the Juggernauts Focusing Crystal all be it a flex version but still, I've been waiting since the start of the patch to try one of these babys out. I have obviously reforged the dodge into mastery, and so far I have to say, it seems to be worth it, especially on hig damage fights where I'm hitting like a truck (Garrosh) it is doing a reasonable amount of healing, which I am very happy with!!


Our guild's second raid team has undergone a few changes and we have even made some progression, as we have a new tank and one less healer I brought my priest in for the Thok fight, worked out a proper healing cd rotation with our other healers and after 3 weeks of wiping, down he went!! In the same night I switched back to my monk, went WW (!!!!!!) and we got Siege master down after 6 pulls and one shot the Paragons, I have to say I was right out of my comfort zone the whole night, having only ever tanked those fights I had NO idea what the dps mechanics were. However, I managed to adapt, and was even soloing belts!! We are on Garrosh right now, and for most of our group it will be their first kill, we had 13 pulls on him last night, we have the empowered whirling phase under control, and are now working on the empowered MC phase. Calling the fight and trying to remember my DPS rotation is hard work but fun. 


Having managed to earn silver on the first try when 5.4 hit, I thought I was all set for gold. I could not have been more wrong. I spent hours trying it and failed miserably, since then i have tried it once or twice, to no end apart from a lot of frustration, self doubt and anger. However yesterday, for no apparent reason I went and gave it a go. I had NO idea how much I had learned about my class and how to use it properly from tanking SoO every week, I completed it first try, with ease.
This is by no means a guide, but here's how I did it:
Talents: Chi wave, Dampen harm, Tigers lust, Xuen, Ascension and Leg Sweep.
It was all about managing my cooldowns and remembering to use by utilities. Xuen is only a 3min cd so I remembered to use him early on (Wave 4 ish) so that I could use him again later (Wave 8). Use dampen harm for the big enrage mobs, used clash as much as possible to pick up new mobs and for mobility. For the very last wave I had the idea of disarming one of the bigger mobs, which halved the damage I didn't think of this before I will never know!! I will begin to make some progress on endless soon, and shall attempt to record some of it and perhaps incorporate a more comprehensive "how I did it". 

Last but not least.... 

My biggest news is as per my previous post, I shall be going Mistweaver to cover a healer for a month. Having spammed twitter for help I have to say the community's response was in a word, AWESOME. I have had guides thrown at me, people helping me with trinket choices, stat priorities, and the support is very welcomed. It's a big change for me and I am both excited and also scared witless at the same time. I shall hopefully over the month piece together a post detailing the transition and how I handle it. If I'm confident enough I may even include a video or two :)
I shall be updating the blog page this week to incorporate a section dedicated to other blogs and useful resources. I'd really like to thank everyone that's helping me out, hopefully you will see the fruits of your labor pay off, if not, I shall be hiding in a corner somewhere crying!!
Lastly I am very excited to announce that I received a Beta invite for Elder Scrolls online for this weekend, as a HUGE Elder Scrolls fan girl I am quite giddy at the prospect of being able to be one of the first to play it! Due to the very serious looking non disclosure agreement I shan't be able to give too many game details away but I do plan to review things that don't give away too much detail.


  1. Really great read, good luck on your endeavors as a healer!

  2. Thank you!! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't TOTALLY bricking it :D