Monday, 6 January 2014

Mistweavers.... I want YOU!!!!

Just a very quick post, I am likely to be spending the next month or so as a healer due to the needs of our raid comp, I am really excited about this, I have had a bit of experience healing but would REALLY appreciate any long standing Mistweavers input, so I shall very likely be bugging people on twitter and Chi Burst, If anyone can point me in the direction of any guides/people that can help a fellow monk out I would be most appreciative!!

Also, happy Darkmoon Fair week!! For those that don't know I am going for my Insane title at the moment so I have been spending every day at the DMF doing the dailys, which I love as I have discovered they are a lot of fun :)


  1. I recently had another go at Mistweaving as my offspec, doing LFRs. It's a LOT of fun! Made me realise how much I was doing it wrong back in T14 :) Most of the healing seems to be done by renewing mist (getting it spread to all 10 in a 10 man is a key aim I think) and free heals like chi torpedo and chi burst. Mana regen is insane with crit and mana tea!

    I'd recommend taking a look at this guy's videos, he's no expert by any means but it's a good starting point!

  2. Thanks for the vids! The response to this post has been amazing, I feel like by the first raid I have where I am healing I will be pro :D