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Pet Battles: Beasts of Fable

Hi guys!

Sorry for the delay getting this post out, I have had some personal things to take care of and I appreciate everyone's patience!! A little plus since my last post, our guild managed to down Thok on heroic so we are now working on the mighty Siegecrafter! To finish off my Battle Pet extravaganza posts, today I will go through my tactics for defeating the beasts of fable, and finish up my favorite pets list, so sit back, relax, and lets get to it!


This was by far, the hardest category to pick my favorites in, mostly because it houses some of THE cutest pets that WoW has to offer, after MUCH deliberation I have picked 5 that I love, either for their looks or their utility!
The Pint-Sized Pink Pachyderm, because omg HOW cute? Plus the little trumpet he gives every now and then is just adorable! I purchased this little guy off the AH, and he's usually easy to find on there and not too expensive. 

Bubbleflex my Gu'chi Swarmling, named because he was given to me by a friend with that name, he drops off the rare on the timeless isle but I had been unsuccessful in getting one so he was generously donated and thus named in honor of the donor! I have not leveled him yet, but he is cute and squidgy looking and I want to cuddle him :D

The Armadillo pup, which is capturable via pet battles, just...too cute.

Dippy my Darkmoon Hatchling, again, just very cute and seeing as I have the mount to match he makes a great "on show" companion pet!!

Finally, (and you MAY have heard of this little guy before...) Brian, the legend that is my Rapana Whelk. The pet that can seemingly solo all manner of other pets, I love him, he's gotten me out of so much trouble, and he was also the first pet I captured at rare quality!


Squirt, my eternal strider, he's a great leveling pet and his self heals are really awesome!

Muckbreath, I bought this little chap from the AH because he is VERY cute, I do intend to level him at some point.

Finally the Spawn of G'nathus, this pet is a guaranteed drop from a giant version of himself that swims around the north of townlong, beware, this guy has 40m hp and hits like a truck, but worth it as the pet is awesome!!


Another really hard category, but I have narrowed it down to just 3! The Clefthoof Runt, available via pet battles in Nagrand, very cute and looks awesome when you pop a pet biscuit on him!!

My Direhorn runt, a drop from the isle of giants, he's very cute I hate seeing the place on the isle where they are captured, I want to take them all home!!

Finally, Kovok, probably one of my favorite pets of all time, I LOVED the Klaxxi quests involving this guy, and I was quite distraught when I found out that I had to kill him during the SoO raid encounter!


The last pet family, again these all seem to be rather cute but I have picked my favorites, most of these I actually use, as the elemental pets are great against mechanical pets.

Jack, the Sinister Squashling, the first pet I leveled to help me deal with the battle pet tamer with 3 mechanical pets, and the one I use against the guy on Darkmoon island.

Minme, my Ruby sapling, so named because he looks like my druid when he is in treant form and I like to have companions that look like me :p

Timmy, the Terrible Turnip, this guy is seriously cute and REALLY useful for battling. He is a reward from planting a special seed on Sunsong Ranch.

So there you have it, all my favorite pets for each of the pet families! Now onto some much larger pets, the Beasts of Fable. These guys can be found dotted around Pandaria and you can't really miss them as they are all huge!! I don't tend to use leveling pets with these that much, mostly because some of them are quite hard to defeat and they don't really provide a lot of XP, not enough to make it worth it for me anyway!!

No-No (Vale)

He is an aquatic wonder, down next to a pool and a lot of other little aquatic pets (Incidentally this is a great place to level pets due to the abundance of 25s here)
I use:
Leveling pet
Amber Moth
To be honest, any flying pets (particularly the ones with moves like Take Off and Cocoon Strike) will be just fine here, you can always get away with using your leveling pet first as No-No will always cast his Beaver Dam, which blocks 2 attacks from both sides, giving your level pet its XP and time to change to your first flying pet. Although I find No-No to be a little on the daft side - he casts beaver dam usually followed by a dive, which seems pointless as the dives damage is blocked by the dam, make no mistake, when he does hit with his Tail Slap, it hits for 600 hp each time, so avoid as many as you can with Cocoon Strike and just use what you can to nuke him down, he has a lot of HP but he's not particularly dangerous as he will usually use Tail Slap twice before he starts building dams again!

Dos - Ryga (Kun-Lai)

This was an interesting one, I tried all sorts of weird and wonderful combinations on this fish, eventually stumbling on a crazy powerful combo of just two pets on Wowhead (the comment I refer to is number 23 god bless that person!).
I use:
Pandaren Water spirit
Nothing else required, you can use a level pet here though I wouldn't recommend it as it can mess up the sequence you need to kill him.
Open with the Spirit, Cast Geyser, cast Whirlpool,
Switch to Chrominius, Cast Howl followed by Surge of power, the fish will be dead :)
If Dos starts with Whirlpool himself you will need to forfeit and restart as it will kill Chrominius!

Kafi (Kun-Lai)

Personally I use the Pandaren Water Spirit/Chrominius combo for this one too, though you can use other combinations of pets, as he is a beast, any 2 mechanical pets will see him on his way, particularly the Son of Animus due to his crazy self heals! The third pet can be your level pet if you wish.

Ti'un the Wanderer (Townlong)

Ugh this turtle, hits like a truck and takes no prisoners, I don't even bother to use a leveling pet here, because he usually kills 2 out of my 3 pets. His Tidal Wave move is REALLY annoying as he casts it very often and it does damage to your other 2 pets. After much deliberation and many many tears over this damn turtle, here is my pet combination;
Amber Moth
Rapana Whelk
Now, here's the kicker, this fight can go a number of different ways depending on how lucky you are, if you're lucky and Ti'un doesn't block EVERY DAMN SPELL YOU HAVE (Not bitter) then you can almost kill him with the moth alone....however.....I'm generally not that lucky and it usually takes me 3 or 4 goes before I get enough hits on him to kill him, fortunately he doesn't heal. The Whelk is my back up pet, the two flyers can both do damage while avoiding pump (which I appreciate can be unpredictable but it hits for a k so...), as much as possible, when he casts his Tidal Wave, Brian (Rapana) seems to take less damage than most other pets so he is my safety net, though if everything goes correctly, you shouldn't actually need to use him.

Gorespine (Dread Wastes)

The hedgehog from hell!! To be honest I struggled way more than I should have with this one, but now I have a pretty safe combo that allows me to kill him fairly quickly!
I use;
Darkmoon Tonk
Darkmoon Zep
Son of Animus
I open with the Tonk, cast Shock and Awe, use missiles until I get to 1/4 HP (this wont take long he hits hard) when I know he is going to kill me next hit I cast Ion Cannon, which will hit him after the tonk reforms from its first death, I then let him kill the Tonk and use Decoy and Missiles on the Zep to finish him off, he should be dead before you need the Animus, but I don't recommend a leveling pet here either.

Skitterer Xi'a (Krasarang)

Another aquatic boss pet to deal with, though he's not as much of a pain in the arse as Ti'un, I take;
Amber Moth
Anubisath Idol (anything tanky here for me, though if i had another flying pet, it would be here)
He SHOULD die from the second pet, however as with all of these boss pets, he is subject to the RnG gods too, so it may take a few gos.

Greyhoof (Valley)

This guy is relatively easy to sort out, and I would encourage taking a level pet here (just be careful of the pet's level, he hits REALLy hard to low level pets!), personally I take;
Level pet (usually at least 7+)
Darkmoon Tonk
Darkmoon Zep

The Tonk and the Zep should be able to see him off, usually I will lose the Tonk but if I use decoy on the Zep it gives enough time to get Bombing run up and finish him off with that and missiles.

Lucky Yi (Valley)

This guy is also pretty easy to take down, especially if you have plenty of speedy beast pets, I use;
Level pet
Zandalari Footslasher/Anklerender/Kneebiter/Toenibbler
It can be a little risky to take a level pet but it's doable if you get some crits, if you can double up on the little Zandalari guys go for it, I currently only have 1 at max level so I have to use Kovok as he is my only other beast pet. Sometimes it takes a few gos but he should die fairly consistently with only 2 beast pets.

Ka'wi the Gorger (Jade Forest)

I always feel bad killing this chap, he looks all squidgy and cuddly!! He's pretty simple to kill,  I use;
Zandalari Dino (any type)
Plains Monitor
As these are the only 3 beasts I presently have at max level, they are all I can use!! He should die pretty easily though ,Kovok should take half his HP, with the dino dropping him to next to nothing if not killing him, with the monitor finishing him off. What i will say is that as soon as I have two more of those Dinos leveled I will use 3 of them against him!

Nitun (Jade Forest)

This one is a bit of an odd one, considering he is a critter, my first thought was to take beasts. However, everytime he kills a pet (and he hits REALLy hard) he heals for practically all his HP. This was really frustrating for me until I tried something, and found the answer....undead pets. When he kills them, he doesn't heal, so pick any 3 undead pets you like and let him have it!! I currently use;
Stiched Puppy
Fossilized Raptor
Unborn Val'kyr
provided I use Plagued Blood>Howl>Diseased bite, I may even get another bite off before he kills the puppy, of course with no healing he should only have about half HP left, I use Claw on the raptor to finish him off, healing as and when needed. I rarely use the third pet so if you wanted to, you could use a level pet here, but be careful, he does hit quite hard.

That concludes my Pet Battle extravaganza!! Thanks to those that have commented so far, if you still want to be in with a chance to win the Gusting Grimoire that i have, you have until Friday 22nd August to comment as I will be announcing the winner then!

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