Saturday, 14 December 2013

*Stands up* My name is Cat, and i'm a "Mogaholic".....

This weeks topic is something I have yearned to post for a while now, and as nothing particularly interesting has befallen me this week, (apart from getting my second Seismic Bore - more later) I spent an hour or so a few hours collating images of all my different mogs, some are from other toons, as well as being a Mogaholic I am also an Altaholic.....first world issues and all that :D

So, splash on some overly priced perfume, grab your Gucci bag, cue the catwalk music and prepare to be dazzled!!

 This was one of my first ever transmog sets on my Monk. Some of it was a bit mismatched but I was going for a power ranger kind of style!

Shoulders: Firecharm Shoulderguards
Chest: Mistspray Vest
Legs: Slaver's Leggings
Gloves: Gloves of Cushioned Air
Belt: Featherflight Belt
Boots: Extra Credit Boots
Staff: Jalak's Malestrom Staff

 This was my Dk's old set, I did have gloves to match at one point but I accidentally vendored them :(

 This was one of my favorite monk sets, moving from the light green to the dark and adding the awesome goggles of engineering goodness!
Head: Mechanized Snow Goggles 
Shoulders: Same as previous!
Chest: Blessed Elunite Coverings 
Gloves: Grasp of the Moonkin 
Belt: Girdle of the Night and Day 
Legs: Pants of Splendid Recovery 
Boots: Moonwalkers 
Staff: Braxxis' Staff of Slumber
 My DK's current set, one of the easiest sets to obtain as it's all bought from G'eras in Shattrah.

 My priest's current PvP set. I was going for the whole white purity kind of look, and I used to wear this for PvE as well until I got my Legendary Cloak and it didn't match the rest of the set :(

Head: Buc-Zakai Burning Hood 
Shoulders: Shoulderpads of Absolution 
Chest: Runecloth Robe
Gloves: Earthripper Gloves
Belt: Malevolent Gladiators Cord of Meditation
Cloak: Kharamaa's Shroud of Hope
Staff: Soulkeeper

 Priest current PvE set, which I had to "amend" to try and match the new cloak, I went for a darker look with this one, I am a particuar fan of the robes here :D
 My hunters overly fabulous Striker's Garb set from the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj raid - Beware...this set does take 2 weeks minimum to farm, but totally worth it, the first time I took him in an LFR wearing it the tank whispered me and said "Omg, sorry i dont know you but you look FABULOUS!" He wasn't wrong....
The bow I am using that you can't see here is the Ceath Lotus Crossbow.
My pet here is actually Portent however I found the name Leeroy to be far more fitting!

Seizing the Second Seismic Bore. 

Finally, I managed to coin my second Seismic Bore for my Brewmaster, I was already using one in my main hand with a flex level He Softfoot's last Resort in my Oh, but now I finally have two 10m level weapons and oh my goodness does it do wonders for dps! It also helps that it looks awesome ;)
This is what I am currently wearing on my main Brewmaster spec, I went for a "Badass-Pirate" look.
Weapons: Seismic Bore

Here are some other random items that I love to use for transmog that I have collected from random places, I have a particular fetish for collecting random staffs and weapons :)

Hailstorm 1H Sword from The Eye of Eternity
Netherbane 1H Axe from Tempest Keep
The Nexus Key Staff from Tempest Keep
Staff of the Redeemer Staff (Watch out, MASSIVE quest line for this one)
Staff of Beasts Staff reward from the Ring of Blood
Volcanospike 1H Sword from Firelands
Claw of the Phoenix Fist Weapon from Tempest Keep
Rising Tide 1H Axe from Black Temple

These are just a few of my favorites, if I were to list all my void storage items from 6 toons I would be here a long time :) The point is, Mogaholism is not a bad thing, and should be encouraged, yes I have an obsession with changing my mog pretty much every week, but it's not that much of a burden, I quite like surprising my raid team on a wednesday with a new outfit, so don't be scared, MOGAHOLICS UNITE!!!!!

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