Friday, 1 August 2014

Pet Battles: Pandaren Tamers

Happy Friday darlings!! Well it's a rather dreary day here so I'm drinking a nice hot brew - Twinnings English Breakfast tea incidentally - (Someone asked me on twitter what my 'brew' was!) and today I am going to embark on the second of my Pet Battles series, there will also be an opportunity to win yourself a Gusting Grimoire in honor of me reaching 10k pageviews on this blog! 

First off I shall continue with my favorite pet(s) in each category....


For my flying pets I have a love of my Amber moth (who is yet to be named) and Sparks, my firefly, who actually dropped out of a random goodie bag from a ToT LFR. I love him because he's really pretty, however for 'usefulness' I tend to go with the moth as it hits harder and can usually dispatch any aquatic pet quite quickly, however it can also hold its own against non aquatic pets due to it having 'cocoon' which can make it avoid an attack every 3 rounds!


I really struggled with this category, seeing as most of my favorite pets seem to be in it! However I managed to restrain and just pick these three... 
My Unborn Val'kyr, she's so pretty...I actually have no idea what she is like as a battle pet, I am aware from my readings that I will possibly need her for the Celestial Tournament but she's just so beautiful I mainly got her for her looks (yes I am that shallow)

Bones, my Fossilized Raptor, apart from being unbelievably cute, he matches my mount and he's quite a handy little pet to have around, especially if you are facing humanoid competition! 

Finally, my last choice in the category isn't particularly cute, or fluffy, or sparkly, which are the qualities I usually look for in a pet, but I have fallen in love with him none-the-less, I think mostly out of pity as I felt so sorry for him when I saw him. Over the months he has actually turned out to be a great pet and got me out of some crappy battles with difficult opponents, may I present to you, my slightly scruffy looking Stitched Puppy 'Patches'!


An easy choice here, one for looks and one for looks AND utility!!
My Celestial Dragon, because sparkly, pretty, shiny reasons! 

Lishi, the Wild Crimson Hatchling, she's not only really pretty but she's a really nice pet to use in battles due to her speed and self heals.

Pandaren Tamers.

Before I start I am going to dish these out in the order that I fly round them in, (bear in mind I also incorporate the Pandaren Spirit Tamers and the Beasts of Fable) it seems to be the 'shortest' route and if you are busy working on other things like blogs and such, there a flight posts near each one so you can take a kite if you don't want to fly there yourself. (Although this is a longer route ultimately)

Aki The Chosen.

Found in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (now by Mistfall Village - Pre 5.4 she was near the Seat Of Knowledge)
Her 3 pets are Chirrup (Beast), Stormlash (Dragonkin) and Whiskers (Aquatic).
For her I like to use (in this order);
Leveling pet
Anubisath Idol
Amber Moth
I use the leveling pet for 1 turn unless they are 20+, then they can sometimes hold out for a few turns but rather than take risk I will use my Idol to kill both Chirrup his Stoneskin pretty much negates all of the Swarms he casts, and Stormlash, for her I will always use Deflection as soon as she is brought out to block her call lightening, which can remove half HP if it crits. This obviously leaves me with Crush/Demolish to deal damage, as Chirrup poses less threat i take Crush which is good against Stormlash, who hits a lot harder and needs to be taken care of quicker. The Idol should easily survive these two, as long as you keep Stoneskin up, I bring out the Amber Moth for Whiskers, as its Slicing Wind, Cocoon Stike and Mothballs are all very strong against him.

Courageous Yon.

A little harder to find initially, he is in a tiny almost invisible cave on top of a mountain on the West of Kun-Lai Summit, he looks a little like Taran-Zhu, and his 3 companions are; Piqua (Flying), Lapin (Critter) and Bleat (Beast).
The pets I use for this tamer and order;
Leveling pet
Anubisath Idol
Son of Animus (If you don't have one, any mechanical pet, preferably with a self heal will be fine)
I will, as usual, use the level pet for one turn, and make use of the Idol's Stoneskin ability as once again, it negates most of not all the damage from Piqua's Flock move. I will also use him for Lapin, however it can be a bit touch and go and crit dependent with this fight, though most of the time Lapin should die, leaving you with a small smount of HP, I swap out the Idol for the animus and make a start on Bleat. Make no mistake, this pet can hit like a truck, especially if 'Chew' Crits, although it shouldn't do, if you're feeling vulnerable you can put your shiled up first, then just use Touch of Anima to regain any health lost from his first 2 turns, tha snimus hits really hard and it should only take you 3 turns dealing to kill him.

Seeker Zushi.

On the same Island as Niuzao Temple next to the lake, this Jinyu's 3 pets are; Diamond (ele), Mollus (Critter) and Skimmer (Aquatic).
The pets I use;
Pandaren Water Spirit
Level Pet
Amber Moth
I use the Pandaren Water Spirit to kill the first pet he has, as he has 3 moves strong against other elemental pets, but is fortunately not susceptible to the attacks that Diamond uses as they are not particularly strong against other ele's. I will bring out my leveling pet against Mollus (who works the same way as the Rapana Welks), for one turn and then use the Amber moth to finish Mollusc and kill Skimmer. If by some unlucky chancce I get crit by Skimmers Pump move, I will bring out the Pandaren spirit to finish him off, being careful to use Dive to negate a move.

Wastewalker Shu.

For me, this guy is a bit of a pain in the arse, even though he has a really cool looking helmet on, I don't even bother trying to level a pet with this one due to his irritating combo of pets that all hit like trucks and are all quite tanky. He uses; Crusher (Aquatic), Pounder (Ele) and Mutilator (Beast).
I use;
Amber moth
Eternal Water Strider
Dark Animus/Darkmoon Tonk/Zepplin
I have tried using levelling pets,. but so far I have not found a 2 pet combo from my own that can reliably 2 v 3 his pets, I shall keep trying and get back to that at a later date perhaps. With no leveling pet, I simply use the Moth on Crusher (Be sure to use Cocoon when the Whirlpool is on 1 to avoid the damage), the Water Strider against Pounder (who needs to be killed quickly as he damages your other pets), and my mechanical pet of choice against Mutilator the super hedgehog!!


Down on an island at the south of Krasrang, this Hozen has 3 delightful pets which took me a while to work out a decent enough combo for to enable me to use him for leveling! He uses; Woodcarver (Beast), Lightstalker (Flying) and Needleback (Aquatic).
I use;
Level pet
Darkmoon Tonk
Amber Moth
I will as usual use the level pet for one turn, it will usually be subjected to Woodcarver's Acidic Goo, which, unless the pet is < level 5, *shouldn't* do it fatal damage. I then switch to my Tonk, deposit mines, then use Charge and lock on to finish the squidgy bug off. I don't tend to panic too much if the tonk dies here, the mines will remain in place, and they will dish out a great deal of damage against Lightstalker when he comes out, you can either finish him off with the tonk if it's still alive or switch to the Moth, which is then used to kill Needleback.

Farmer Nishi.

I always feel bad killing this Pandaren's pets, I love her happy little sunflower and I hate beating him up, however, if I don't get rid of him quickly he can cause Issues!! She uses; Siren (Ele), Toothbreaker ((Ele) and Brood of Mothran (Beast).
I use;
Eternal Strider
Level pet
Son of Animus/Darkmoon Tonk/Zepplin.
I use the Strider to dispatch Siren (Begrudgingly), I ensure that I replace his sunny weather with my cleansing rain, I usually charge pump first and let him cast his Sunlight, then cast my Cleansing water, then let loose with the charged pump, this should almost kill him, leaving a water jet or two to finish him off, if you can recharge pump before he dies ready for Toothbreaker then great.  I usually take the opportunity to bring out my level pet once Toothbreaker casts Sons of Root, I will use my charged pump before hand before swapping the Strider out. After my level pet has had 1 turn I will bring back the Strider and do my best to kill him with that, its not quite the end of the world if he kills the strider as long as you have him on relatively low HP, it just becomes a bit laborious to finish him off with your mech pet as he is resilient to their hits. After he has gone I use the remaining mech pet to kill off the Brood of Mothran and job's a good'un!

Hyuna of the Shrines.

Just south of Dawns Blossom is the final tamer on mainland Pandaria. She has 3 companions, Skyshaper (Flying), Fangor, (Beast), and Dor the Wall (Aquatic).
I use;
Leveling pet
Darkmoon Zepplin/Son of Animus
Amber Moth
As always, I bring out my level pet for one turn, then pull out the Zep/Animus and use him to get rid of Skyshaper (the Animus hits harder for this and has a self heal, making him a more kilely candidate for helping with the other pets). If the Mech pet survives Skyshaper i will usually use them until Fangor kills them, then switch to the Moth, fortunately tall of fangor attacks are weak on the moth, so he should go down pretty quick, for the last pet it's a classic Flying Vs Aquatic, and the moth should take care of Dor with ease.

Little Tommy Newcomer.

Dont let the name fool you, this 'little' guy only has one pet sure, but it's a friggin monster!! I do not use leveling pets against this guy, he also only gives you timeless coins and no sack of pet goodies for defeating him but it's one of those things I had to do at least once!
He uses;
Lil' Oondasta (Who is incidentally not THAT little)
I use;
Darkmoon Tonk
Darmoon Zepplin
Son of Animus
Basically any combination of all Mechanical pets will work on this guy, his Frill blast, which he will open with, will swap out your first pet for your second one, so I use the pets in the order above, so that I can get my Decoy up quickly for his second move Spitfire Beam. After that it's a case of do as much damage as you can while he annihilates your pets with his Crush.  Have fun with this one ;)

Win a Gusting Grimoire!!!!

So to honor my 10k views i am giving away the TCG pet aforementioned. I have the code to the pet ready and waiting, to win the pet, simply comment on ANY of my pet battle posts, about anything pet related, your favorite pet for example, and I shall draw at random from the comments and announce the winner next Saturday after Fridays post has been up for a day!!

Be good



  1. Excellent guides - in particular the Little Tommy one was much better than the one i have been trying (and failing with) recently!

    I don't have a favourite pet per family but i do love my welplings, especially the Infinite one. I have also rediscovered the Perky Pug thanks mainly to the Timeless Isle and my ability to dress him up AND then make him bigger with Pet Biscuits!

    Am also becoming guilty of matching my pet to either the class/spec i am playing or worse my mog....what have i become...

  2. 2nd attempt ^^

    I'm pretty sure there was a blog challenge about this last year - seems like something you'd enjoy so I'll look it out for you :)

    I like your choices though. I have so many favourites it's hard to choose, but I do have a team which I use for all the dogsbody jobs: a spider called Charlotte, my Onyxian Welpling called Sapphira and the mechanical Gnome. They have like a heal, avoid, root and block between them so it works ok.

    Looks wise I have two I loooove. Electrified Razortooth I use as an accessory to my blue mogs, he looks awesome. I also like the Xu-Fu cub from the tournament as he's just too cute.

    Do you have the ote battle teams add on? That saves my life ^^

    ~ Mrs B

    1. Yes I have the teams addon, it's a recent aquisition, recommended to me by a guildy who's really into his pet battling, I have to say its REALLY useful for the celestial tournament, wich I am hoping to have the correct pets for soon, I seem to be able to level 2 or so a day with my dalies so maybe next week could be the week???? :)

  3. One of my favourites is also the Unborn Val'kyr. Not only becaus eit looks good, but because it's rare, and you need to devote time to finding one. I got so frustrated by not finding one that I even wrote a tiny short story about it (previously published on BlizzPro).

    "The sweat glistens on the draenei’s brow, and strands of jade green hair stick to her face. In one hand she holds the reins to her mount; it’s a skyreaver captured during the siege of Ogrimmar. It’s shaking one of its heads impatiently, making the metal rings on the halter clink. The skyreaver’s native Durotar is hot, but Sholazar Basin has a humidity to it that the beast isn’t used to.

    The draenei turns her head reluctantly, surveying her surroundings once more. The heat is starting to affect her as well, but she is still hesitating. Steam is slowly escaping from an underground source somewhere, and behind a generously leafed fern she can make out a crocolisk, slipping quietly down into the waters of the Wildgrowth Mangal. The air is almost vibrating with heat, however, what she came for isn’t here.

    With a sigh, she pulls up the Shado-Pan helmet hanging on her back, and firmly ties its leather cords under her chin. It’s a gift she received from the legendary watchers on the wall as a token of her high standing with them. She walks around to the side of the skyreaver and makes sure that the saddlebags are attached properly; they are carrying precious cargo. Inside them, she keeps the transportation cages for her battle pets. She reaches inside one of them, scratches a small dragon whelp behind its scaly ears and is rewarded with a satisfied grunt in return. Her mount notices what she is doing and starts moving restlessly, she gives it a soothing pat on one of its necks before climbing up into the saddle.

    With only a few leaps they are airborne, the afterburners kicks in, and the skyreaver makes a sideways loop out of the sheer joy of feeling the cool wind once more."

  4. Great guide! I loved that you mixed practicality (winning battles) with vanity (oh, the beautiful pets) in one place; I so often find posts that are just one or the other. Made it a fun read.

    Your strategies on the Pandaren tamers also made for good reading, in that they led me to a couple of things I hadn't tried previously. At least 2-3 of them go a little quicker now, or don't feel as much as up to RNG, which is always helpful. The winds of fate have a way of turning. ;)

    As always, thanks for sharing!

    (And yes, the teams add-on is *enormously* helpful for the Celestial Tournament. Good luck!)