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Pet Battles; Pandaren Spirit Tamers

Hi guys!

Hope everyone's weekend is off to the nice start mine is! After 8 months I have finally picked up my Minfernal pet from Felwood, in addition to this, 2 days ago I managed to capture my Unborn Val'kyr from Crystalsong forest after 6 months of camping her!! I also completed my Pandaren spirit pet collection, which is what led me to my post topic for today.
     Before I get into how I farm the Pandaren spirit tamers, I am going to go through my top pet for each pet family (only some in this post and the rest in future posts), these will be the ones that I use for leveling other pets, farming, or just for the way they look :) 


Son of Animus - Not only is little guy ridiculously cute, but he is an amazing leveling pet. He has a self heal and a shield and hits like a truck. The best thing about him has to be the way he runs after your toon!! He is a drop from the Dark Animus in Throne of thunder, you can pick him up on any difficulty including LFR. However be warned, if you do not have enough room for him in your bags in LFR when you win him (he drops as personal loot), he will be lost to the twisting nether forever and you will not get him back. He can also be caged and traded so you could always check out your auction house to see if anyone has put him on there.

Darkmoon Zepplin - A little easier to get hold of than the Animus ad you can farm the Darkmoon tickets to purchase it. You can also purchase the Darkmoon Tonk which is another good pet although I tend to favour the Zippy the Zepplin as his decoy move can avoid some real issues with hard hitting enemies such as Lil' Oondasta, buying you some all important turns to get your damage done.


Oily Slimeling - This pet I use when I am against flying pets as he is actually really strong, he can heal himself and deal DoT and has a hard hitting spell which can take off half of a flying opponents health if it crits. I also use him against other pets for his nuke and self heals.

Living Fluid - Aother ToT drop (Primordius) which works the same as the oily slimeling but has a different level 20 spell.

Harmonious Porcupette - Selfish reasons, it's shiny and cute, nuff said ^_^


Anubisath Idol - My little Amun Ra, he is an amazing tank pet and he can hit like a train too, plus he looks really cool (I am a massive fan of Egyptian style stuff).  The ONLY downside to him is that you must either pay a fortune for him from the AH or farm him from AQ 40. He is an 11% drop from Emperor Vek'lor.

Taming the Pandaren Spirit tamers.

Flowing Pandaren Spirit 

This guy can be found in the Dread wastes, on the long rocky path that runs out into the sea between the Wastes and Krasarang Wilds. The spirit has 3 pets; Marley (Aquatic), Tiptoe (Critter) and the Pandaren Water Spirit (ele).
This is one of the harder ones as his first pet Marley can cause huge issues if he is not taken down quickly. I use an Amber Moth and hit him with Moth Balls and Slicing Wind, saving Cocoon Strike for when his Whirlpool is about to hit (This way you take only the hit from the pool, and not him as well). After this I just use Sw and MB's to nuke him down as fast as possible (As he is aquatic these spells will hit quite hard and he is usually dead withing 5 turns). 
Tiptoe is easier to deal with but again you want him to go down quick to minimize the Tidal wave casts as they hit your other pets. I sometimes continue to use my moth as it still seems to hit quite hard and I can avoid an attack every 3 turns with Coocoon strike. However If you want a pet to directly counter him I like to use either my Kovok or My Zandalari Foot slasher, both of which will hit him hard enough to kill him in a few turns. For the Spirit I use an aquatic pet, usually Squirt, my Eternal Strider. Be careful with this water spirit, he can hit really hard and kill you if you don't kill him quickly!
If I am leveling a pet I will always use the moth to kill Marley, use the leveling pet for a round on Tiptoe and take out the eternal strider, replacing for the oily Slimeling as aquatic does not deal as much damage to magic and the slimeling has quite a heavy nuke ability to kill  Tiptoe quick enough.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit.

This is one of my favorite locations for pet battling,m you can find the Whispering Spirit right at the toip of a mountain in the Jade forest, on the left of the map, directly below Dawns Blossom and to the north east of Grookin Hill. He has 3 pets;  Dusty (Flying), Whispertail (Dragonkin) and the Pandaren Air Spirit. (ele)
In my experience dragonkin pets are the best to use here, I have read that an Emerald Proto Whelp can solo all three pets!! The first pet he uses is Dusty, again, the oily slimeling is great here as he does so much damage, also I have noticed that Dusty usually opens with Moth dust, so you can use your Expunge straight away with minimal risk of having it miss due to Cocoon Strike (Obviously if the RnG gods are displeased with you then Dusty may cast CS first but you can always reset the fight if this happens). After I dispatch Dusty (Badum-bum-Tshhhh) I use Chrominius to nuke down Whispertail, purely because he hits like a truck and I usually want to get him gone as soon as possible, I use Howl and Surge of Power, which will usually get at least half, if not more of his HP. I will then use bite until he is dead, unless she manages to kill Chrominius, in which case I will switch back to the slimeling to finish her off. For the Air spirit I tend to use my water spirit as his Whirlpool/geyser combo usually kills the Air spirit, however if you don't have one I would recommend an Eternal strider, use healing rain and pump as soon as you can to get damage out as the Air spirit hits harder against aquatic. 
For leveling I get the leveling pet out against the spirit as the first thing he will cast is the soothing mists, so your baby pet will not get nuked, I will swap out Chrominius as the Pandaren Water Spirit can also take care of Whispertail. If I am leveling I will also keep the slimeling out to get some damage onto him and just let her kill it, this way you can split 2 pets over 3 opponents easier.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit.

This due is up on the mountain between the Horde Shrine and The Seat of Knowledge. His 3 pets are; Pandaren Earth Spirit (Ele), Sludgy (Magic) and Darnak the Tunneler (Beast).
Unlike the other spirits he will open with his mini version of himself, I use the Eternal Strider, open with charging my pump, then he will incapacitate me for a round (there is a chance this can stun for a further round when he deals the damage, I usually reset the fight if this happens!) I will then release pump and try to nuke him down with Water Jet, healing myself with Healing Wave if I drop to 50% HP. All this spirit will do is throw rocks at you, which will hit for 300-400 each time, so you should be able to kill him within 5 turns. For Sludgy I tried anti magic pets but nothing seemed to work for me, so I thought, know what? I'm going to "out Magic-pet" you!! So yeah, you guessed it, out comes the old faithful oily slimeling, and I just mirror his moves, he will usually kill my slimeling just before he dies, so I will pet out my animus to finish him off. I then use the Animus to kill his last pet, taking the spells metal fist, touch of Anima and interrupting jolt. Basic tactic is to nuke down with MF and IJ (although you wont get to interrupt as Darnak is faster) and as with the Eternal Strider, at 50% health use ToA. (Just make sure he has used Burrow within the last 4 turns or you will not get the heal). If you dont have the Animus the Zepplin is also nice here, use Decoy to stop his hardest hitting abilities straight away, then nuke down with Missile after applying Bombing run!
i have yet to figure out a strat for using two pets aginst this guys, as such I don't use him for leveling, I'm working on it though :)

Burning Pandaren Spirit.

Found in north Townlong Steppes west of Fire Camp Osul, this Spirit uses Crimson (Dragonkin), Pandaren Fire Spirit (Ele) and Glowy (Flying).
 Ever seen  a snail kick 3 level 25 pets butts? Well sit back ladies and gentle men, you're about to see something rather spectacular....

Meet Brian. Brian is a Rapana Whelk. Brian is going to single handedly beat 3 legendary pets.

 (Left) Start with a Shell shield
(Right) Follow with a Dive.

 (Left) use Absorb until you have 1 turn left on Dive.
(Right) Re apply Shell sheild and follow up with dive again.
 (Left) As you can see, Crimson is almost dead and Brian is on 3/4 HP.
(Right) Repeat the process against the Fire spirit's "minime".

(Left) After killing the spirit get out your levelling pet and allow Glowy to cast his Confusing sting, use your turn to switch pets.
(Right) Brian is back and begin your Shell/Dive/Absorb routine again.

The Shell will block pretty much every Swarm Glowy casts, it takes a little while but you can kill him fairly easily.

So there you have it! A Rapana Whelk that can solo 3 Legendary pets, little dude deserves a medal. If you want to pick up your own Brian, you can find them down in the Briny Muck in the Dread Wastes, they are usually level 22-23 and are easily caught.

This is by no means any sort of official guide to beat these tamers, and there are probably better ways to do it and better pets to use, but this is what I do each day to get my pet supplies, which have a chance to contain one of the spirits, good luck!!

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