Friday, 18 July 2014

A week away, an all monk flex and more!!

Well hello darlings!!!! Seeing as it's been a whole TWO weeks since I posted last, I guess we have some catching up to do!!

Firstly, my week away was well spent, I went to visit my family, whom I had not seen since Christmas so it was lovely to catch up with them. We also had some gorgeous weather while we were there so I spent some much needed time in the sun walking my Mum's little dog :). Having a week off WoW was also much needed, Midlifecrisis has been running 2 raid groups per week, enabling us to gear our new folk and gear some alts, which is great fun but it's 5 nights a week of solid raiding, so it was lovely to have a break and not have to be sat at the computer for 7.30 each night! 

    Upon my return on Saturday night, I took part in the open raid flex race, I was on Sneezers team with 20 other monks, we raced against a team of Druids, a team of DKs and a team of Paladins. Monks came second by 2 minutes, but we are still maintaining that we are the best class, plus we were horde so we had more trash ;) I jest, it was all good fun and I really really enjoyed it, seeing 25 Xuens leaping all over the place is a truly beautiful sight to behold!! All the guys were really nice, and Sneezer did an awesome job of leading us, I felt very privileged to be picked as the second tank!!

Sneezer runs a lot of races on Open Raid, if you are interested in joining any (EU) you can fins his OR page right...... HERE!! He's a great guy, very fun to rid with, and I really look forward to running more races with him in the future! You can also catch him talking about how we did on the latest Monk Meditation episode by clicking....HERE!!!! 

    I have been doing a bit more "Windwalkering" lately, I have my normal 4 set with 2 heroic weapons and chest piece. I'm really enjoying the spec a lot, I love the extra mobility (That flying serpent kick!!) and I REALLY love when everything lines up and you get those 900k RKS's, but at the moment I'm still feeling a little lost with it. I don't know if this is because I love tanking so much and being a DPS just isn't the same, or if it's because I don't understand the spec enough to get the most out of it, or even a combination of both. Also, I'm still completely confused by the Assurance of Consequence, again I think this is due to my lack of experience with the class to really test out whether I do more damage with or without it, I suppose a few more weeks will tell, especially seeing as we are progressing on heroic Thok at the moment, which up until now I have been doing on my rather undergeared hunter, which I feel cannot pull its weight at the minute. So I shall use my monk (even though 3 melee for 10 man is a bit "meh"), and take Lazeebow to the other raids we run, and get him some more gear, because to be quite frank, hunters are ridiculously overpowered for that fight, being ranged and not suffering to any of Thoks interrupts means that they can push out silly damage (even me sat at 557 i lvl can manage a 1mil burst with 270k sustained), and as we already have one that sits at 400k, I'm guessing it would work to have another. 
       I'm looking forward to trying out WW for the fight, it should be interesting to see how Lady performs with full raid buffs, as until now I have been testing on dummies with self buffs only, this space!!

I am scouting for another victim to interview, as my E-sofa is feeling a little empty right now, I am also coming up on 10k blog hits (Ermagherd), so if you have any ideas on how I can celebrate feel free to let me know! 

See you next week,

Be good!!

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