Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Lady Monks....ASSEMBLE!!!!!!!!

Well hello darlings!!

As you know I am an avid viewer of Monk Meditation, and the other lady monks and I decided that it was time to take over once more, so last night, we entertained the dojo, with wit, charm, sophistication and some FABULOUS monk info on Monk Meditation Episode 29, Ladies Night Part Deux!! The show was hosted by yours truly, and I'd like to give a huge shout out to the MM gang for letting us take over and have such a fun night. 
My beautiful co-hosts for the evening were:
Tigercrane - @Ashveridian
Sunnier - @Sunnierbrew (Sunniers Blog)
Stormieh - @Stormieh_MW (Sentry Totem)
Jadedot - @Plumwd  (Chi Burst Forums)

We discussed the recent Beta changes, took questions from the lovely Dojo, and let everyone know how we're all preparing for WoD. Check out the video below ;)

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