Monday, 16 December 2013

Zomg it's Xmas soon!!!!

Yes, sorry, another "Squee" post.....but I am really enjoying the Winter Veil quests, I spent a whole night in flex doing more dps by throwing snowballs at my guildies than actual dps (I went WW tonight - a guildy wanted to use his DK alt and I am quite enjoying the spec.) The main reason I posted was actually to add to my previous post Builds for Bosses pt 2 - Feature Focus on Spoils of Pandaria, I do have our groups first kill video now, you will have to excuse the "whoops I thought you had that beam" incident in the Mogu room, slight miss-comm's there!! However, my group made a very good recovery and we carried on as if nothing had happpened. Also, something I did differently to usual, and forgot to mention in the post before, in the Mantid room, depending on bomb placement, you may need to pull the mobs away from them to ensure your melee dont get blown up :)

Anyway, here it is in all its glory, picked some more "fun" music to go with this one, in keeping with the theme of the fight - FUN!!

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