Monday, 2 December 2013

After months of meddling, I have reached my Simcrafting pinnacle!!

 Tonight on our guild weekly flex run I tried out for the first time ever, my very own fully simcrafted build, which has not been easy when for dual wielding the hit and exp caps can be a pain to deal with, If you've seen any of my videos you will notice a fair amount of times the "miss" comes up. At first this used to scare the crap out of me, and my first instinct was to go back to my trusty polearm, however I decided to stick with it as having the Two weapons meant I was hitting faster and therefore generating elusive brew stacks quicker. I also discovered that I can have my own "crit cap" for me personally anything above 40% becomes a little pointless, at 40% I can generate enough brew to be able to use it pretty much on cd, so whereas before I would simply stack as much crit as possible, I now stop at 40% and start stacking mastery instead. 
My current stats:
Mastery - 13.53% (8.1k)
Crit - 42.29% (10.7k)
Haste - 17.21% (7.3k) (I used to run 4.5 k haste but was finding myself a little energy starved which was okay for the lower bosses but when the bigger ones come in, this was not great.)
Hit - 7.01%
Exp - 14.48% on both weapons.
Stamina I find to be an unusual stat for my Brewmaster, on one hand I feel that if I have a load of mastery I shouldn't need it, however I have found that having around 40k means that with raid buffs I have a fairly respectable 800k hp, which seems to do just nicely. At the beginning of 5.4, I was running the effective health build from Mr Robot, as my gear was quite low going into the patch, I felt it might be a little easier to cope with the bosses. Which in all honesty it did, I was running about 57k stamina, which gave me a base hp just shy of 900k, which made me feel a little safer, and allowed me to take that extra bit of damage. 

 At the moment I'm really happy with this build, I still have a few more pieces of gear to upgrade, and I have my 4 set bonus (I will talk about this in a different post). The weapons I am using are Seismic Bore in my main hand and Hellscream's Cleaver in my OH. I occasionally switch to my Halberd of inner shadows to use with my dps cloak for funzies, or for fights such as Galakras.

Monk Meditation is on right now so for all your monk needs, head on over to WoWMonk's Twitch Stream!

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  1. Congrats on getting a shout-out on Monk Meditation baby! You have come a long way from fail raiding on a Lock to raid leading group 2 successfully on your bad-ass Monk. Keep up the good work.