Monday, 12 May 2014

We interrupt this broadcast for a very important announcement!!

Calling ALL EU players that would like to find a guild for Warlords of Draenor.....

My current guild Midlifecrisis on Darkspear EU is on a recruitment spree for WoD, and guess who is at the helm of this spree? Yup! Yours truly!! So...I would ask that you share this post about to anyone you think might be interested in joining our team for WoD and for the end of the current expansion. 

I don't care if your lacking in experience, if you have a willingness to learn and good team ethics we have people in the guild who can train you up and help you learn whatever class you are playing, or even introduce you to a new class if you're still clinging onto that 90 boost!!

I am going to just copy and paste my recruitment post info below, please please please help me get this out and about, we need to take on about 6-10 players to be comfortable going into WoD, I appreciate any help I can get with this and I'm sorry in advance if I annoy folk by spamming recruitment stuff!! (but if I get people in quickly I will spam less ;) )

We were running 2 10 man raid groups up until a few months ago, when people had to sit out for exams and other RL activities, so we are currently just running the one 10 man group, which is sitting at Heroic Spoils of Pandaria progress.

We would really like to expand our numbers in preperation for Warlords of Draenor, so that when the Mythic raiding comes into play, we have 20 strong team members ready to rock and roll.

I appreciate that the Darkspear server is quiet on the Horde side at the moment, with connected realms seemingly on hold it is getting harder to recruit from the server itself. I would not expect anyone to just up and pay for a transfer, thanks to X-realm raiding we can have people on trial, for you as well as us. If the guild doesn't seem like your particular brand of tea then you needn't waste the money on a transfer!

Our raid times are Sun-thur 20:30st - 00:00st

What we are about and what we can offer you:

Fun, but progressive - we like to enjoy our raid times, people pay their subs to relax and have fun with friends, and hopefully get some nice rewards along the way. Nothing feels better than getting a boss down for the first time!!

A friendly atmosphere - we have all sorts of people from all corners of the EU on our roster. Friendly and helpful officers, veteran players and MoP babys like myself! There is always someone online to chat to/jump in an LFR/BG/World boss group with.

A home - Even if you would just like to apply as a social member, we can provide a home for you. We currently have quite a few social members that do not participate in raids, but like to engage in things like, levelling alts, PvP, pets battles etc.

Raiding - At the moment we currently have enough people to run a 10 man group comfortably. This does mean that a certain amount of people would not get to raid every night until 6.0 drops. However...if we can get enough people, we can re ignite our second 10 man group, which I would love to see happen!

What we would expect from you:

As a raider:
A good attitude to teamwork.
Sound knowledge of your class and a willingness to learn more.
Flexibility - sometimes we may need to bench people for certain fights, or we may not have enough raid space to take everyone until 6.0. so we would ask that people can be patient while we are in this recruiting process!

As a Social:
A nice attitude.
Cookies. (They may or may not be for me)

If you feel like trying us out, or want to know more, you can visit our website at or you can add me on Btag Snoopkitten#2104. Just include the word MLC in your friend request!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and hopefully I will hear from some of you soon!!

Darklady - The Brewmistress of MLC

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