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Builds for Bosses Pt 5 - Return of the trinkets.

Happy Friday guys!

I hope everyone has had a lovely week, today I am going to attempt something a bit brave, I am going to go through all my trinkets and explain why I like them and which bosses I like use them for.

So, as usual, grab your brew (I've got some Monster energy drink today) and relax, and let me explain why I have become known as a Trinket collector in my guild.....

Ok so, collector is actually not the term my guildies use, I believe the correct term is "Trinket Whore", as I seem to have developed a rather large fancy for collecting as many trinkets as I can and then using them for various different fights!! It's all In jest though, because if I didn't have them, I wouldn't be able to take all the damages for my squishy little buddies ;) 

So, without further a do, here are my Agi based trinkets (leaving out the healing ones for another post) what I think about each one and where I would use it.

Rooks Unlucky Talisman (553) This trinket, as suggested by its name, drops from The Fallen Protectors, the second encounter in Seige of Orgrimmar. Upon initial glancing I did not actually see much use for this trinket for myself, in other words, it didn't have crit or mastery on, so I was not interested!! However....this trinket has found a place in my toolkit, it's perfect for the Malkorok fight, more specifically the Blood Rage phase. The damage Malkorok deals is classed as AOE creature damage, so any tank stood in that with the trinket up is going to take 38% less of it, and as a Brewmaster, with our stagger of course can take even less ;)

Curse of Hubris (559) This drops from Garrosh himself. At first I really wanted this trinket, the crit boost was attractive as hell as I was running a huge crit build at the time. Upon recieving said trinket (Felxible version at the time) I quickly discovered that it was actually kind of useless for me. It messed up the timer on my Synapse Springs (they seem to share some sort of timer), which for me is a huge deal as I literally use them every time they are up. The lack of the 1 minute Agility boost compared with the 9k crit every 1.5 minutes was too much of a loss for me. Also, the stamina is again, not overly attractive for someone who doesn't really build that heavily into it.

Ticking Ebon Detonator (553) This one drops off Seigemaster Blackfuse, it's a funny trinket as there seems to have been a lot of question as to whether it is a DPS or tank trinket. I actually use it as one of my base trinkets on my tank, and I do not often swap it out. The overall procs contribute nicely to my overall damage output, and although I still think that tanks should be tanks and not an extra DPS, as I raid in a 10 man group, me having the extra damage for progress helps a hell of a lot.

Vial of Living Corruption (553) Dropping off the mighty Malkorok, this trinket is one of my best tools for progress and for certain fights. The reduction of cooldowns for certain fights makes them so much easier, especially on progress. Personally I still use this trinket for the Iron Juggernaut (Normal and Heroic), General Nazgrim (Heroic only to deal with the Execute) and Thok the Bloodthirsty (Normal, not attempted on Heroic!).

Sigil of Rampage (553) This was the first trinket on normal level that I picked up, it drops from Spoils of Pandaria and is "technically" a DPS trinket. It has no base stat, and basically gives you a cleave. At the time I had no other viable options to use so I used this for quite some time. Today I will swap it in for normal Galakras to give myself more damage, to speed up the fight. A place NOT to use this trinket....Garrosh Hellscream, when he casts the Empowered Whirling Corruption, having this trinket on makes you a magnet for the little adds that spring out of the ground. This is fine if you intend to kite them but if you are only 10 man, your raid will likely want to kill them, and trying to take an add off a Brewmaster with full vengeance as a DPS is near impossible, so I would not recommend it for this fight at all :D

Haromm's Talisman (553) Another DPS trinket, dropping from the Dark Shamans, this is a massive DPs increase, I use this trinket for farm bosses, it works really nicely with the Sigil for Galakras, if you add in the DPS cloak too, you can pick up some awesome dps on this particular fight. I also like to use it for Thok, as i solo tank this fight I pick up a lot of vengeance and can therefore do insane amounts of damage overall which just makes the fight go a lot quicker for the group.

Juggernauts Focusing Crystal (553) This trinket drops from Iron Juggs, and is a really nice trinket on any fight where you are going to get a large amount of vengeance, as the healing scales with your own damage output. My particular favorites for this trinket are Thok and Garrosh, as I feel this is where I get the best out of it. It can be quite nice for progress fights to help out the healers a little while they are adjusting, but by no means rely on it, in the big scheme of things, I personally find other trinket combinations better.

A quick fight by fight overview, I will give the trinkets I use for all 3 of the following scenarios; Farm (this will be at normal level), Heroic, Progress (This could be Heroic or back when I was progressing on nomrmal)

Immersius:   Ebon Detonator + Haromm's (Farm)
                    Ebon Detonator + Juggs Crystal (Heroic/progress)

Fallen Prots: Ebon Detonator + Haromm's (Farm/Heroic/Progress)

Norushen: Ebon Detonator + Haromm's (Farm)
                  Ebon Detonator + Vial (Heroic/progress)

Sha: Ebon Detonator + Sigil (Farm - I pick up adds so the sigil is nice for those)
        Ebon Detonator + Juggs Crystal (Heroic/progress)

Galakras: Sigil + Haromm's + DPS cloak (Farm)
                 Ebon Detonator + Sigil + Tank cloak (Heroic/progress)

Iron Juggabug: Vial + Ebon Detonator (Farm/Heroic/progress)

Shammys: Ebon Detonator + Harrom's (Farm/Heroic/progress)

The General: Ebon Detonator + Sigil (Farm)
                      Vial + Juggs Crystal (Heroic/progress)

(I should point out that from here on I have no more Heroic experiences on my tank!)

Malkorok: Ebon Detonator + Rook's Unlucky Talisman (Farm/Progress) 

Spoils: Haromm's + Sigil (Farm/progress)

Thok: Vial + Juggs Crystal (Farm/progress)

Seigecrafter: Ebon Detonator + Haromm's (Farm)
                     Ebon Detonator + Vial (Progress)

Paragons: Ebon Detonator + Haromm's (Farm/progress)

Garrosh: Ebon Detonator + Haromm's (Farm)
               Ebon Detonator + Juggs Crystal (Progress)

This is by no means the trinkets you HAVE to use for each fight, just my personal preferences. Going from having no trinkets and little experience (thinking back to this post) to having all of the trinkets and a lot more experience makes me realize how much I've grown and changed, and how much better my tanking has gotten :) Any questions or suggestions, as always, feel free to comment below or message me on twitter!! Have a great week guys and be good ;)

Dark :)

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