Sunday, 2 March 2014

ESO Beta *Spoiler alert*, A giant bug, and something quite exciting for next week!

Elder Scrolls Online.
So, I am clearly blogging on Sunday this week not Friday, no, I am not slacking, I had an Elder Scrolls Online Beta key again, this time with NO Non Disc' I figured, a weekend of filming cool game play, screenshots....and a wonderful review that I would struggle to finish by the end of the day.
Sadly. No. The game has consistently kicked me out every ten minutes or so (at best) so I cannot seem to play for long enough to really get my teeth into anything. I have managed to film a few bits of game play though, so I shall post that video at the end of this.

You start, once again, shackled and bound, keeping in with the recurring theme of starting any Elder Scrolls game in chains. I will not give away storyline, in case anyone is wishing to play the game themselves. Working through the first few tasks, it felt a bit like Skyrim, but something felt..."missing" I still cannot put my finger on what. The voice acting I must say is amazing, and they have REALLY gone to town with some epic actors and credit where it's due, well done for that, having Michael Gambon do the voice acting for your main mentor/game guide is as good as when they got Stephen Fry to narrate Little Big Planet. John Cleese also makes an appearance. *Spoiler* I have filmed some of this awesome voice acting, however it may be a game spoiler, though I tried not to include too much of the actual quest line.Most of the video I have made is footage of the different classes fighting, although I feel the actual combat for ESO was a bit "clunky" and didn't quite have the flow of previous Elder Scrolls games, even oblivion felt a little smoother than some of the animations for ESO. 

The questing, for me personally hasn't really done much yet, there have been no story lines that have really grabbed me, where I find myself finishing quest lines because I want to know what happens, rather than finishing it just to get the gold or reward at the end, which is what I have been doing so far. I don't like to keep comparing to old ES games but I found the quests and story's far more riveting in previous games than in ESO.

The graphics and scenery, I have to say are beyond fantastic, the detail and effort that's clearly gone into making it are outstanding. The landscapes are beautiful, the NPC's are well done, the animals are amazing and all the little tiny details are really really good. I was initially worried that it wouldn't be a "pretty" game but it really is. The character creation is far more open than previous games, there are a lot more options and the whole feel of it is more realistic. I have not yet come across any transmogging options, but I would hope that in the final game, this is a service that would be available. 

Overall I am leaning more towards the non excited side of the games release, I would hope that there is some good end game content to come and more enjoyable and interesting quest lines. Also, the game is currently really buggy, but I would assume that this is because it's beta and not a reflection of the final product. At the moment I cannot envision myself devoting a great deal of time to it,though I reserve final judgement for when the game actually comes out. I expect I will play it for a while but it will not likely take president over WoW.

Click below to see a short video I have made, it contains the voice acting and short combat scenes from each of the four classes. 

A Giant Bug.

Yesterday I was trawling through Petopia and I came across Cida who is considered a "Boss Wasp". Now, my little hunter has been running AQ for about 3 months trying to get the pink bow from Princess Huhuran. Finally, this week, it dropped and my AQ mog is complete! My plan was to go back next week and tame her as well just to complete the set. Anyway, browsing away I looked up the Boss wasps and saw the note by Cida "Stays larger than other wasps." SOLD!!!!!! I went and tamed him straight away and oh Em Gee he is ginormous!! I've also since discovered that some of the other pets stay larger than their similar models so have now made it my mission to go and capture all these oversized pets to make my hunter look even cooler than he already does (yes, that IS possible - but only just).

Normal Sized Wasp.....

.....aaaaand BOOM....look at this badboy!!

So yeah, he's pretty cool and has become my favorite pet to use for pvp as he has a rather irritating stun also.

Finally.....looking forward to next weeks Blog!!

Next week I will be showcasing the work of artist Philippa Blenkey, who sells her portraits on her etsy shop Pips Portraits I'll be asking her some questions and showing off some of her fabulous drawings!! See you then <3

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