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Arrival on Azuremyst, not Draenor. - Nynaevê's Story, Chapter one.

Nynaevê stepped out of the portal into a lush green forest, similar to the one she had just left, or so she initially thought. Upon closer inspection the foliage was a much darker shade of green than the forest she'd come to know as home, there was also a strange purple hue in the sky. she walked along a small path and arrived at what looked like an encampment of sorts, small rounded buildings were dotted around, there were strange pink glowing crystals set into them, and lots of strange swirly patterns on the outside. 
I'm not on Draenor she thought to herself, and she felt a pang of unease creep into her chest. Where had she arrived? What was this place? Surely Leng-Sei hadn't made the portal incorrectly? With a heavy heart she approached the encampment, she felt a wave of relief when she saw that it appeared to be inhabited by Draenei. "That's something at least".
She spun round, unaware that she had spoken out loud to herself, she found herself facing a male Draenei, he was wearing brightly colored robes and had a document in his hand, he looked rather official.
"Are you lost?" he spoke with a deep clear voice, that reminded her of her fathers. 
"I'm sorry, forgive me, my name is Nynaevê, I have traveled here by way of a portal, from Pandaria...though...." She paused and bit her lip in embarrassment "I am sorry, I do not know where I am, I was hoping to return to Draenor, but I fear I am somewhere else."
The Draenei looked her up and down, he seemed unsure of the validity of her tale. 
"You...came through a portal?"
"I did."
"...and you have no idea where you are?"
"Sorry, no, I don't." She started to worry that the Draenei would think that she were a spy or something worse. Suddenly he seemed to have a change of heart, his face softened and he visibly relaxed his body. 
"Very well. My name is Aurren, though I am known here as Cryptographer Aurren. I can tell you that you are not on Draenor, but on Azuremyst Isle, you are just off the coast of Kalimdor in Azeroth."
Blast! Kalimdor? Home of the orcs who had terrorized her people? She recalled their capital of Orgrimmar being in northern Kalimdor, where the awful orc leader Hellscream was said to reside. This was the last place she wanted to be.
"You...look a little upset, are you alright?" Her face must have told quite the tale while she had that thought, she flushed and tried to gather her composure.
"My apologies, I had sincerely hoped to be on Draenor, I haven't had very favorable experience with Kalimdor in the past."
"Because of the Orcs?" Aurren almost grimaced when speaking the word.
"Well, yes, now that you mention it."
"Do not worry, you are quite safe here, no Orc has been to this part of Kalimdor for a very long time, and they are not likely to visit anytime soon." She allowed herself to breathe a sigh of relief, and instantly tensed again at the arrival of a small white furry creature.

     Aurren smiled knowingly at the strange animal. It was almost as if he had found slight amusement in Nynaevê's reaction to it. 
The creature nodded to Aurren, and began to read a piece of parchment that he was carrying. 
"Fear not, this is Arugoo, he is no threat. He is a Furbolg, most of his kin live on different parts of the isle but he likes to spend his time here with me, he helps me study my my papers from time to time, and in return I am teaching him to speak our language...he's....getting there...slowly." Aurren grinned at the Furbolg who was now looking at Nynaevê with great interest.
"Heeloo  Laydee Draynee" He stammered, before bowing his head and then returning to his parchment. 
"He is quite shy, you will have to forgive him" 
Nynaevê bowed her head and replied "Hello Arugoo". If the little creature could have blushed he would have, he made some stifled giggly noises and walked away.
"Now then" Aurren's short curt statement made her jump, since when had she been a nervous wreck? That was the second or third time she had found herself almost startled that conversation alone!
"Tell me, what is your purpose here exactly?" He motioned for her to sit, tentatively, she sat, and stammering a little at first, she told the tale of how she had left her homeland, how they had found Pandaria and lived there, and how she had arrived in Kalimdor, all be it with the original intent of returning to Draenor. Aurren listened with great intent, it was hard to believe such a young looking Draenei had seen so much, he waited patiently for her to finish, and although his head was brimming with many questions, he decided it best to try and get her settled first as she was evidently nervous.
"Well, you do have a colorful background Nynaevê! I have many things to ask you, but for now, i think we should get you settled and find you something to eat. That is if you're planning on staying here for a while?" She paused, where else should she go?
"If there's room for me here, I should like to stay for a time, I'm happy to help with any chores that need tending to" She bowed her head graciously. If she was not on Draenor she may as well make friends with the people here at least.
"It's settled then! Come with me, I will introduce you to Jaeleil, she will see you right, she may even have a few jobs for you to do!!
    He led her over to a female Draenei, dressed in very fine robes she was sat lazily upon a bench, quite near to where they had been sat talking. 
"Nynaevê, this is Jaeleil, she will set you right with somewhere to sleep and something to eat. For now, I must be getting back to Arugoo, he can get into mischief if he's left alone too long! Come and see us when you're settled and I may even have a few jobs for you myself!"
Aurren bowed to both ladies, turned on his heel with a flourish and left.
Jaeleil smiled lazily at Nynaevê, her eyes twinkled beneath the purple headband that was holding her soft brown hair in place, her robes, upon closer inspection, were cream with pink trimmings, and they fitted her slim figure perfectly. For a second Nynaevê was lost, imagining herself looking so majestical and beautiful, Jaeleil's silky voice broke her daydream;
"So, you've had an interesting journey" Nynaevê's eyes widened. "Yes, i heard you telling Aurren your story, quite the adventure! Now then, I will find you somewhere to sleep and something to eat, tonight, you will rest and be safe, tomorrow, you will help us out with a few things to earn your keep, yes?"
"Thank you most graciously for your kindness" Nynaevê bowed, she may be nervous but she would not forget her manners! "I will be happy to help with anything I can while I am here, and hopefully learn more about this place." For the first time she really began to take in the beauty surrounding her. It will be worth staying here for a time, I can learn new things in preparation to move on. If getting to Draenor is not on the cards I must at least get back to pandaria....I promised I would.
    She chatted a while longer with Jaeleil, she instantly liked her, her beauty and sense of fun was the sort of thing that made you just want to be around her. After some time she was shown to the inn where she was greeted by another female Draenei called Chellan, a jolly soul with wizened eyes, she looked Nynaevê up and down, much the way Yalia used to and her eyes lit up. 
"We will get you a  nice big supper! Can't be having young girls running around with no meat on their bones!" Nynaevê wasn't sure whether to be offended or not, then a wink from Chellan told her that she should not, she was just being kind. She went to bed that night with a full tummy and a full head. Full of questions and wondering, she thought she would never sleep but she must have been tired because she didn't get much past thinking tomorrow I shall....  and she slept. 

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