Friday, 21 February 2014

First week back in the Brew....PvP, a new monk guild and some other....stuff!!

It's almost like riding a bike....almost.

So this week I went back to tanking after a months break while I healed in place of our regular Druid, who replaced my Husband in our main progress group, while he was working overseas. Now that he has returned I have re-taken up my mantle as Group 2 bum kicker. My first night back as a tank was actually spent doing Challenge Modes, which I had never experienced before.....well....what the HECK is going on there? Crazy, hard hitting dungeons that I can solo on heroic was bonkers! So much fun though, i really enjoyed the challenge and it was a great way to reconnect with my baby Brewmaster. That first Keg Smash was just.....awesome!! Although I have really enjoyed healing, I LOVE being a tank!!

My first official raid night back as a Brewmaster was amazing fun, with all the gear I have picked up while healing I am now even more tanky than I was before, I even managed to solo tank the giant dino of doom, Thok!! Another thing I am REALLY happy about it my trinket collection. I currently have 6 at my disposal, which may sound like a bit overkill but I have pretty much found uses for all of them now, apart from the Curse of Hurbis, at a first glance i thought this trinket looked good but now I have the others it doesn't really have a place in my set up anymore.


As I had enjoyed healing so much I decided to keep Mistweaver as an off spec and use it for PvP. A group of us have started running BG's every weekend, to spend some tme together as a guild and have some fun. I really enjoy my Mistweaver in PvP, not only do I have CC for days, but I can heal my team by beating people up, which works for me! I'm also finding that it is making me a better player in general, I am getting quicker with my reactions and more preventive of damage. It's also finally become apparent that me having an alt of each class has helped as I know what to expect from them when fighting.

The Peak of Serenity.

As my previous post stated I have joined an All monk guild on Shadowsong EU. There are some familiar faces and some new ones!! As much as I love being a Hordey, I am really enjoying levelling as an Ally, the different perspectives on quests, and I really like being a Draenei!! The guild is slowly filling up, so if anyone has an EU account and want's to be part of something awesome, shoot me a message on here, or contact me via twitter: @Darklady_EU or add me in game with a message: Snoopkitten#2104.

Monk Meditation.

Tomorrow evening I shall be appearing on the monk Meditation show alongside the other Lady monks, I am really looking forward to it!! We will be covering a variety of topics and taking questions, so drop by the Dojo and say hello!! You can find all things Monk Meditation on this link !!

Now you can check out the video!!

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