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Builds for bosses pt 4 - last stand of the normal runs!

Hey guys, Dark here, with my final part for the builds I like to use for the last 3 bosses in Siege of Orgrimmar 10 man normal - with a twist......these three bosses will include tank, healing AND dps builds!! Please note though as I only have a full set of trinkets for my tank and next to no trinkets for any other spec I cannot comment on MW/WW trinket choices...because I dont have any myself :(  Also, I have not yet managed to heal Garrosh on my monk so I will include my priest build and hopefully soon I will be confident enough on my monk to give it a go before I go back to tanking!

So lets get started with the boss with the best one liners....

Siegecrafter Blackfuse. 

Brewmaster - This guy does pack a punch, and the dot the puts on tanks should not be underestimated. I really like to glyph the old guard for this fight, on the whole I find it just reduces the damage from the dot which is pretty much constantly on you, it's worth taking. To cope with the crazy frenzy thing he does (he gains a STUPID amount of attack speed) I like to take Dampen Harm and use a high mastery stat priority. Trinket choices for me would be the juggernauts focusing crystal to help out the healers and the vial of living corruption to reduce those all important cooldowns.

Windwalker - Now this fight brings fun to a whole new level as a melee dps, especially one with such good burst you can solo those belts like a pro. As an engineer I like to make sure I use synapse springs every time I go up on the belt, the cooldown of it fits nicely with the times you need to go up there. Of course I know not everyone's an engineer, so I also like to make sure I build up enough Tigereye Brew on the boss, so that when I jump up on that belt it's ready to go. Talents I like to take Dampen harm - this helps the healers out if you get a magnet, and Rushing Jade Wind. I take the RJW because it provides constant dps when soloing belts and I found it to be more useful to me than Xuen. 

Mistweaver - For me as a mistweaver this fight can be pretty simple as long as the rest of your raid know how to not stand in bad or put sawblades/fire in daft places. That being said there is some unavoidable raid damage when the magnets come out so although I am primarily attacking the boss I like to make sure I'm throwing those renewing mists out and have plenty of chi for an uplift or two when this happens. Of course I always have my "oh Sh*t button" (revival) handy in case things get too hairy and I cant reach raid members. Talents, I have toyed about with Xuen and the RJW, my personal preference is the RJW as it helps with chi generation and provides constant ticking heals for the tank thats on the boss. This being said, if our group was struggling to meet the dps req' I would take xuen for that extra burst. The only other thing I have noticed about RJW is that its spammable and mana hungry, so I try not to spam it too much!

Paragons of the Klaxxi. 

Being a huge fan of the Klaxxi quest line and lore I was saddened to find that we would have to kill them during the SoO. More upset that we actually have to kill Kovok before the fight!!

Brewmaster - If you're geared enough, this fight, in my opinion is a bit of a joke. I like a nice big crit build on this fight, as in normal mode there really isn't much tank damage coming out as long as you don't pick up  one of the paired paragons after tanking the other. I like to take dampen harm here, in case I get caught by an unlucky whirling, Xuen as he provides a huge dps boost and chi wave to help out with the healing. Trinket wise it's the curse of hurbis for the crit boost and the ticking ebon detonator for the agi procs. Basically I like to spec for damage>survival here, because as long as you dont stand in bad, or tank the wrong boss, and you tank swap on the shield bash from Korven, living out this fight for a tank is not hard (in my humble opinion anyway).

Windwalker - I learned two very important and harsh lessons here as a dps. You can NOT stand in the goo on the floor, and you can DEFINITELY NOT stand in front of Korven when he does his assault because it cleaves. (I didn't know this prior to trying the fight as a WW and got a rather nasty surprise.) Other than that for this fight I like to take Xuen and use him when Korven drops and Tigers lust to help me get to kuchongs when they target team mates, Leg sweep is also nice here I have found for the blobs of blood that skeer spawns, and Dampen harm if I need to help soak an aim.

Mistweaver - Another fight I like to fistweave, but one I have learned to be VERY mindful of my surroundings on. Dampen harm was a must for me as I kept getting caught in whirling due to lack of attention to them and worrying too much about the raids health. Tigers lust is nice again because it can help me get to people that have been separated from the group by amber/rabid kuchongs. I also like to take chi torpedo for this fight, the extra movement and healing it does is really great for me to get around the room quickly to help out my team mates. Again the leg sweep is preferable for me to help stun the blood adds.

And finally, the big bad himself.....

Garrosh Hellscream. 

Brewmaster - Mastery, mastery aaaaaand MOAR mastery!! This guy hits like a truck and the adds get quite tasty after a warsong too!! Tigers lust and leg sweep is brilliant here, you can stun all the adds in the path of the iron star, use the lust to remove the hamstring they put on you and then watch them all die from a safe place :) the focusing crystal trinket and the ebon detonator are a lovely combo for this fight, I struggled with the sigil of rampage when I had nothing else to use as it tends to make the adds from empowered whirling gravitate towards me from the aoe procs, which just led to wipes because having all of the adds and the boss on the tanks is not a great idea! I like diffuse magic on this fight for the whirling corruptions as it reduces the damage significantly but I find I can only use it every other whirling, so I make sure I have a nice big fat guard ready for the ones where I cannot use it. Glyphing clash I find a great help to get me through the intermissions quickly, after finishing one pack of adds I can pretty much get to the next one instantly. I like to take Xuen here for the dps boost and his cleave is fantastic for the adds in phase one.

Windwalker - Talents for me are all the same as I would take on my brewmaster, I do have a raid finder version of the assurance of consequence which is really nice for this fight, the agility procs and cooldown recovery are very handy! Chi brew is something I really learned to use properly on this fight, popping it twice right at the start to get tigereye brew up quickly results in some insane damage. I'll let the skada speak for itself....

Bear in mind on that pull the hunter below me has 572 Ilvl and I have 550. Do not underestimate the power of the brew!! I like to glyph the zen med as although it doesn't seem to help the rest of the raid in this fight that much it is a great personal cd when the going gets tough. Spinning crane kick is also glyphed for aoeing down the adds a the start. 

Priest - I play a disc priest, normally I run with about 9k spirit but I upped it to 10k (unbuffed) for this fight just to make sure I wasn't going to run into any mana problems. Cascade is a nice talent to take, I use it in the intermission phases, when the iron star hits the wall and for whirling corruption. I take the body and soul talent to help my team with a speed boost if they need it, power word solace for extra damage and mana regen and glyph of penance to that I can heal on the move as much as possible. 

And that's it folks! Sorry if the healer and windwalker bits aren't as comprehensive as the tanking ones, I'm getting better at both but still plenty to work on before WoD arrives!! Have a great weekend and try not to over do it on those brews ;)

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