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Azuremyst Isle, and Beyond. Nynaevê's Story, Chapter two.

    It was some weeks before Nynaevê even thought about leaving Azuremyst. During that time she made many friends, and helped out with many things. Arugoo, the little Furbolg had become so fond of her, he constantly followed her around, chattering away in his strange little language. One day, Nynaevê became so exasperated with not understanding what he was saying to her, she demanded that he at least teach her a few words so that she may have some idea what he was talking about! He looked up at her with his big eyes and simply pointed toward a totem. Aurren, watching with interest told her she was honored, and that the Furbolg were a strange and timid race, and not partial to teaching many others their ways. She was taken upon a journey of Arugoos ancestors, and learned that she was infact prophesied about by the Fuirbolg!! 
 "No wonder he took such a shine to you!" Aurren beamed at her, before asking her a billion questions about what she had seen.
    She was sent over to Bloodmyst isle, to help with the Sunhawk problems, she spent weeks there, gathering information, stealing missives and having them translated, she was even privileged to meet the Prophet Valen himself! She was much in awe of the leader of the Draenei, he was very majestic looking and spoke in soft tones, his words held thousands of years of wisdom, his eyes hardbound thousands of visions. Yet for someone so powerful and important he was gentle, understanding, and very grateful when the sunhawks were finally defeated, bestowing upon her a Tarbard, so that she may be considered a member of the Hand. 


 After a time, Nynaevê began to feel restless, she loved the Isle, particularly the Exodar, an underground city full of beauty and people. It just wasn't enough, she needed to see more, her adventurous side was yearning for sustenance, and although she had already taken part in the Sunhawk battle, things had begun to calm down, and all was normal again, she grew bored and started making plans to leave. Not really knowing where to travel to next she asked Aurren and Jaeleil for advice. Both of them immediately suggested that she travel north to Teldrassil, city of the Night Elves. At the mention of Elves, Nynaevê shuddered Not more Elven folk, they don't seem to like Draenei, why are they sending me there? As if able to read her thoughts, Arruen spoke;
"Fear not" he said with one of his broad grins "The Night elves are friendly to the Draenei, they too, have suffered great losses at the hands of demons, such as our own race." 
Nynaevê brightened, some common ground to go on at least! Always good to find when meeting a new race. Jaeleil spoke in her lazy manner;
"You should probably consider learning some trades before you leave, Nynaevê, you will not get too far in the world with nothing to offer people!"
"What should I do?" She asked, "I don't really know how to do much apart from heal people and help them!" 
"Go speak to Heur" Jaeleil smiled, I have a feeling he may be able to teach you something that you will find very useful!" She winked at Nynaevê before turning to tend another Draenei.
Very well the, she would go and see Heur!  She knew very little of the stout Draenei, other than that he was usually wearing scruffy clothes, and smelled of leaves. She nodded to Aurren and made her way across the watch. 
   Heur was kneeling down on the floor, tending to what looked like a weed in a pot. 
"Excuse me, Heur?" 
He jumped, "Goodness me girl are you quite mad?"
"Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude, I was told you could teach me something....if this is a bad time, I can come back later?" She was unsure that this had been a wise idea after all.
"Teach you something? Teach you not to sneak up on people tending their loved ones perhaps?" Loved ones? The plant????? Was this Draenei ill?? She shifted uncomfrotably.
"I am sorry, I have disturbed you, I will return when you're not busy." she turned to leave, and Heur rose swiftly and startled her by catching her arm.
"Now now, I am never to busy to teach young lady!! I was merely illustrating that one should possibly be quieter and more passive while around the children" Okay, that did it, this guy was totally mad.
"Children?!" Nynaevê couldn't help but exclaim. "I see no one here but us!"
"HA! Of course you don't!! Because you are not a herbalist...yet." He gave a grin that rivaled Aurrens. Now it makes sense, HE is a herblist, and he sees the plants as people! She recalled a day on Pandaria, not too long after her parents died. She was sat on the bright green rug on the floor of Yalia's hut, while the Pandaren pottered about making tea. She chattered away in her usual manner, and while the tea was brewing she had picked up a small pot with a spout on it, much like the one she used for tea, but this had a longer spout. She filed it with water and went over to the shelves where she kept her herbs 
"there there, nice drink of water for you makes you all big and strong!" Yalia had coo'd, at the time Nynaevê had thought she was speaking to her. But she was talking to the plants all along. 
"Madam?" She was brought back to reality with a shock as Heur spoke in his rather loud voice.
" Sorry, I was lost in a memory, forgive me" she felt a small pain when she thought of Yalia, she missed the gentle old Pandaren, her jokes and bright eyes always twinkling.
"I could see that!" Heur giggled, "Was it a good memory?"
"Yes" she replied, trying to brighten up, "It was about a healer I knew, who also had a fondness for herbalism".
"AH-HA!! Excellent! See, it was meant to be that you should come to me, so that now you can learn the ways, like your healer friend yes? We will also become friends, and I shall teach you many things, yes?" She had a feeling that Heur was going to irritate her slightly, but, she nodded anyway, and joined him when he motioned for her to sit. 
      Learning herbalism from Heur wasn't all that bad. He was totally insane but very knowledgeable, he taught her all sorts of things about gathering herbs and what their uses were, how to care for them and even how to transport them. She also spent time with Thoth, from the Exodar, who taught her about inscription. At least this way I can gather herbs and make use out of them! Bit by bit, she prepared to leave Azuremyst Isle. She felt a little sad, she would miss the friends she had made here, even Heur with his big booming voice and unusual habit of saying "yes?" at the end of nearly every sentence. Mostly she would miss Aurren, he had become a firm friend since the day they had met, they had spent many hours together, talking, working and pouring over all his manuscripts as he tried to translate them, with the occasional "help" from Arugoo. Yes, Nynaevê would definitely miss her friends!
    Packing a small bag with her her gathering tools, some food that Chellan had given her, and a strange necklace that Arugoo had bestowed upon her before scuffling away with his head down. She stood with Stephanos and prepared to climb onto the back of one of his Hyppogryphs. 
"You will need to buy yourself a proper mount when you reach Stormwind city" he advised. 
"You will not always find Hyppogryph masters like myself on your travels, and unless you plan to walk absolutley everywhere...." His eyes twinkled.
"I have no Idea how I will afford it" Nynaevê said, "I will have to save up some coin before I buy one I think!"
"That you will" he replied with a wry smile.
Jaeleil and Aurren were both seeing her off, she had been round the watch and said her goodbyes earlier that morning. Jaeleil embraced her warmly;
"May the light bless you, dear Nynaevê" she whispered. She watched a tear run down the beautiful Draenei's cheek before she wiped it away with a pretty purple cloth.
Aurren stepped forward and shoved a small bag into Nynaevê's hand, she looked up at him startled,
"What is this for?" she asked. He merely winked at her, gave her one of his grins, before embracing her for the final time. 
The Hyppogryph was seemingly impatient and stamped its hooves on the ground, she climbed on its back and looked over to her friends with a smile. 
"Hup!" Commanded Stephanos, and the creature gracefully took off, she gave a final wave back to the Draenei at the watch before they vanished from sight, and all she could hear was the wind whistling in her ears.



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