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On The E - Sofa With Dark. An Interview with Vaylen on his latest venture!

Happy Friday ladies and gents!! So, more Alpha changes, which left a lot of people on MMO forums crying about Mistweavers, DeathKnights look set to become the first ranged tanks with the removal of rune strike for death coil, I got my Vicious Gladiator mount, and my guest Vaylen started a whole new guild....WHAT A WEEK!!
    I do not intend to delve into the rantings on MMO, it's far too toxic for my liking and people seem to be belly aching for the sake of it. in my humble opinion, lets just wait for the betas, see what its ACTUALLY like, and then if its bad, the soap boxes can be re-mounted. However I will brag about my mount!! SO pleased, 100 3v3 arena wins with some guildies, which has taken us a good few weeks! I did actually earn the mount on my Hunter but the Monk isn't too far behind!

   Now for this weeks main post, *Flumps down on E- Sofa* This week I have with me, none other than the fabulous Vaylen, who you may recognize as the author of The Legacy of the Brew blog. 

Dark: Welcome Vay! Lovely to see you, and an honor to have you gracing the E- Sofa! Just to remind everyone, can you give me a little of your WoW history and tell us what character you main?

Vaylen: Certainly! I started back in 2007 and played a Dwarf Hunter over on Shattered halls and then moved too Stormreaver once I hit level 65 and when I realised I could use a gun... IM SORRY GUYS! . This was during The Burning Crusade and being my first character I was still learning and yes! I was that hunter stealing every weapon because.. Every weapon was a hunter weapon! /cast Raptor Strike! I then got in to raiding and started in Karazhan with a great guild called Vanguard. Once WOTLK come out I wanted something new so I decided to try horde on the server Hellscream. Here I played a Enhancement Shaman through all of the content heroic included. I continued playing my Shaman but as elemental during cataclysm and as soon as I saw MOP I was playing a Holy paladin but with a new class in the works and the new monk class looking as great as it did, I new I wanted to once again change. The Monk is my main character now and I'm pretty sure it always will be from here on out, Its epic. I have also over the years done my share in high end PvP such as Arenas and RBGS so you could say I have done a bit of everything, a jack of all trades if you will. 

Dark: An excellent choice! What made you choose the Monk?

Vaylen: I love it's feel. The most important thing to me is if I have a connection to it in terms of having the need to play it and it certainly does that, even now. Each Monk spec stands out on its own and can pull its own weight that's for sure. If you follow my blog, you may also know how much I love the lore, though I admit there's not much, its still incredible! 

Dark: So how long have you been playing?

Vaylen: - About 7-8 years in total.

Dark: Now onto the juicy stuff...Are you comfortable? I just had the E-sofa restuffed!

Vaylen: I'm pretty kooshty right now! Though tired from over sleeping this morning and rushing off to work within 5 minutes... I'm gravy! 

 Dark: You recently took a short break from WoW, has this helped rekindle your love for the game? 

Vaylen: I would say so, I wanted to take a break for a number of reasons. It was my actual first real hiatus from the game but it was most definitely needed and hell yeah it has but strangely for a different amount of reasons. 

Dark: So tell us about Forged Legacy, what drove the initial idea? 

Vaylen: If I'm honest it was totally random to an extent. I wanted to create a guild for all my friends I have met over the course of my wow history to come together and just have a laugh and enjoy the rest of this content till WoD. I was also watching alot of the CTR podcasts and I just wished the EU realms had a community like that... then it sparked a little thought in my mind, what if? So full steam ahead! I put up a forum post about my plans, short/long term goals and such and it sparked the interest in a ton of people and I have been overwhelmed ever since! We wanted to create a social community for everyone to enjoy, to feel at home and enable players to feel welcome. Guilds have become celibate, especially Social ones, we all want to enjoy our game time, so I thought this guild could be a great way to do so.  Right now we have people who have only just started the game and want to meet new people. We have veterans who want to stay away from the crazy end game content now and relax and enjoy the game at a much more slower pace.

Dark: How many people are in the guild at the moment and can any class join?

Vaylen: Right now, we're sitting on around 25/30 active players with the same mind set as me. I have refused to use the auto invite macro and have spoke to each and every one about the guilds ideas and everyone of them agrees with it entirely which is so refreshing, its great to meet people with the same passion to build a community Its great. Any class can join, any age can join, friends and family can join! Even if you have a main and want to have an alt in our little home, you're most welcome too! Your game time is valuable and we want to strive to make it just as fun!

Any future plans for raiding?

Vaylen: I get asked this a lot and to be honest we do! WoD will be our real chance to test out the guild raiding potential. With the current Flex systems being the new normal's in WoD this also enhances that social aspect we want to really capture. This means that even if you only have an hour to come on and fancy a few goes at a boss you can do so, we don't enforce anything upon our members so if you wish to take part, you will be invited, summoned and ready to rock. We also have some high end raid leaders joining shortly, so if they want to make SoO runs, they're welcome too. I want to focus more on the social aspect so I will be working on the guild events we have monthly, thats my main priority right now. If We just end up raiding all of a sudden, we will go against our goals and thats something I want to avoid, like i said though, if people want to set up raids they can, but I would like them to refrain from pushing people in to it and such. 

Are there any activities the guild will be participating in? (non raiding)

Vaylen: Oh you bet! How does Pet battle tournaments for gold sound? not your thing? Maybe the fastest 5 man pre MOP content clears (heroic ICC) open world arenas 2v2, screenshot competitions, TCG give aways and contracts sound good? We have these in the works, contracts is one I will be focusing on alot. This is the way the guild will use the Guild bank gold to reward those people who help out. Contracts will be set every Wednesday and players can get a specific herb, food, metal the guild bank needs and will be paid to do so. Players will also be able to use their gold to buy items from the GB half the AH price and that gold will go towards rewards for our competitions and events. 

Dark: So...what's the dream?
(And no, "to have all the worlds bacon" is not a suitable answer!)

Vaylen:  BUT.... BUT I WANT MOAR BACONS! The dream is simple, to create a unique, special and welcoming home for players. I say home because we really don't want to become just a normal guild, or a guild that have 200 members and no one talks, we want to build a community, to allow players to enjoy their game time that little bit more. We also want to create a Forged Legacy Podcast for our guild members to be interviewed and share their experiences with us. Seems like a crazy Idea right? But We have 100% focus on doing so! and doing it right. We already have website developers working on a site who we met from the guild, Ventrilo, raid call and so much more to come, its amazing and I'm so blessed from the responses from it! 

Dark: Well, I've signed up and have a DK alt sat in already...but I know you, how can people who don't know you get in touch with you if they want to join?

Vaylen: Simply mail me in game if I'm not online, only because I seem to get flooded with whispers when I log on now from new members and people looking to join, due to this I also have a recruitment Officer Syana who you can also contact.  Their also there to cover our guild basics and make sure this is the right move for you! If this is still too slow for you, add my battle tag: Vaylen#2903 and I will have a chat to you in game! We will also have a website with a open shout box for any other questions you want asked! more info on that soon! Thanks Dark for taking the time to interview me and as always much love the the monk community!

Vay, you're always welcome!! So there you have it folks, from Hiatus to Guild creator! If you guys want to catch up with Vaylen and the rest of us on our website you can click here  to shoot on over there. Also, I have set myself up a Twitch stream finally, though I am waiting for our SP to sort our upload speed out. I will more than likely update on that next week. For now, have fun and be good! 

Dark xx

An oldie but goldie, Myself and Vay on one of our lore Adventures when he was still a Troll!


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