Tuesday, 26 November 2013

If this post had a title, I promise it would be a REALLY good one....

I've spent quite a bit of time trying to compose this first post, first impressions and all that....In fact it took me so long to compose this I have been sat here for half an hour with a written post and no title....I'm sure one will appear eventually!

Welcome to my world, my name is Cat and I play a Pandaren monk, Brewmaster to be more specific. I started playing World of Warcraft in March 2013, and originally rolled out a destruction Warlock. Now, I'm not sure what possessed me to do this, as when I think of my ideal gaming toon, a caster is not what springs to mind, in actual fact when I think of this toon, Brick from borderlands is the first character I come across, anything that can pile drive into a bunch of mobs with fists blazing and making the biggest mess possible is ideal for me. Never-the-less, the Warlock is where I started. (I have to admit though, the chaos bolts are pretty good). I leveled Snoopkitten with my husband, he was on his second toon at the time which happened to be a Tauren Paladin, which he leveled as a tank. All the while we were leveling together, particularly in dungeons, I couldn't help thinking that tanking looked way more fun that what I was doing. 

After getting the lock to 90 I soon decided that I wanted my own tank, and I had also decided that the Monk would be the best possible tank I could use. Despite a few friends telling me that this was totally bonkers as monks were NOT easy to learn and even less easy when you take into consideration that I would also be learning the tanking role, I had made up my mind and created a rolypoly Panda, then named Thedarklady. The name actually came from a Heroes of Newerth character, of course I didn't at this point realize that the space wouldn't show up, and after a few months I got so fed up with it looking pants and none of my titles fitting me properly, I renamed her Darklády. 

My early experiences of tanking on the monk were, well, shocking. I was awful, I got kicked out of way more dungeons than I care to remember (one of the best ones was me running through the entire first hallway of Utgarde Keep without waiting for the rest of the group and promptly suicide at the end after pulling all the mobs with me), needless to say, it was bad. Very very bad. How I made it to 90 I will never know, most likely with a thick skin and blind luck. Anyhow, the guild I was then in had no need for a tank at that time, so I stuck to raiding on my lock and through sheer despondency of not being able to use my tank properly, she was left to idle while I began leveling other toons.

After a while I decided I wanted to use my tank, and turned to various guides to try and learn it, unfortunately for me, most of these were just an information overload and made little sense to me, until one sunny day (see what I did there) a guildy pointed me in the direction of this wonderful lady's site Sunnier's Art of War. Here I learned the basics, the step up from the basics, and finally moved on to the advanced bits, it's a fantastic guide and I would highly recommend it to any budding Brewmasters or Brewmistresses out there. If you want clean, simple advice, with some fun thrown in, this is the place for you. Also Sunnier herself is totally lovely and has been my inspiration for some months now :)

Let me be clear, this blog will not be a guide, not intentionally, if any use can be made from my ramblings then that would be wonderful, my only hope is that anyone wanting to learn the ways of the brew can read this and realize, it's okay to be Somewhat "rubbish" at the beginning!! We all have to start somewhere. A lot of my little Pandas journey has been one of self discovery, like starting out with a massive agility build...yes, I know....just....we've all been there I'm sure. (This is what i will keep telling myself anyway). Then after reading Sunnier's blog I discovered that I actually needed this magical thing called Mastery. This is just one example, I plan to make a few more posts over the next week, detailing my own progress and the builds I currently like to use. 

Congratulations if you have made it this far! Bear with me, and hopefully I can fill this little blog with the adventures of my beloved panda.

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