Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Current Affairs....

Raid Progress

 I am currently a tank for the second group in the guild Midlifecrisis on Darkspear EU, I have helped out with some of the progress runs that the main group were doing, my crowning moment being present for the first Spoils of Pandaria 10m normal progress kill!! However my glory was short lived, Siegemaster Blackfuse quickly saw to it that my (at the time) 530 ilevel ass would have to go get me some more gear before I could have any hope of tanking the last 4 bosses. At first I thought it was me, but then after checking all my logs and seeing that all my buff up-times were as they should be, and I was using all the skills I should be, the absolutely insane amounts of damage I was taking were just outrageous, and quickly brought home the message that Blizzard had not intended the last 4 bosses for the under geared! Since then I have managed to get my gear to an acceptable level, and recently got my 4 set bonus which I do like very much. 
Our group is working on the Dark Shamans 10m normal at the moment, we're progressing quite nicely, had a night of fun wiping on Galakras, though the next time we tried him we one shot him - go figure :) Here is a video I made of our Juggernaut kill, Weak Auras I am using are all from Sunnier that link will take you straight to her Weak Auras page. 

Food Glorious Food

As this is the first time I am experiencing any of the holiday festivals you will have to bear with the inevitable squee's and oooh's that I will be spurting whenever one comes along. As a Panda and loving my food in general I am really enjoying the Pilgrims Bounty, absolutely loving the turkey shooters and am doing all my dailies so that I can terrorize people with them for weeks to come. (Particularly one of the hunters in our guild who thinks its incredibly hilarious to shoot me with his turnip paint gun on cd). 

One of the may reasons I love being a panda is the food buff, especially with the new feasts from 5.4, also being a real life "foodie" helped when I leveled my cooking :)
This week for me will mostly be spent eating may bountiful feasts, and possibly getting my rogue to 90...maybe.

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