Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bone lord Darklady!! Caution...mog post alert!!

In honor of our Mythic Beastlord kill I have spent the past two weeks umming and ahhing about what transmog to use, recently I have been using my purple ninja outfir but after much deliberation I have now gone full Beastlady mode!!

Using the staff Mog that actually drops from Beast Lord himself of course....

Having a somewhat matching mount is a must, it was close between the Skeletal Raptor from Archeology and the PvP Mount but I love the little skulls on the seat on this one :)

I've used all the gear you can purchase from the War Mill, except the belt which is the Prideful Gladiator belt from the last PvP season, which I love a lot because it looks badass and changes colour every once in a while.

Power Torrent is pretty much an essential illusion Mog for me on all my's so can I not!?
I did try out the bloody one as well but I didn't want to look too drastic or fearsome, I may be a tanky tank but I'm only a soft cuddly Panda underneath, and I didn't want to take that away from my beloved monk.

Streaming more raids next week, may even venture into streaming some of my Druid PvP,  until then

Be good xx

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