Sunday, 8 February 2015


......Is a lazy day, and today as I am still working on compiling my challenge mode posts and some raiding videos, I have decided to down tools and take a little trip out on my monk to visit some of the more scenic places I have discovered in Draenor.

On the whole I think that Blizz have done a really nice job with the scenery in Draenor, as most of you know I am a huge fan of my screenies, it's one of my "WoW life simple pleasures" to go out on a random journey to nowhere in particular and see what I can find to add to my already overflowing screenshot collection. It is actually a regular occurence for me to find myself somewhere to "sit" while I am blogging, I will often park my monk in a pretty spot, and then just tab back in while I am thinking of what to write and just look at my surroundings. I'm in Nagrand as I write this, sitting on top of the waterfall above the Throne of the Elements, one of my favorite places in Draenor.

 These tiny Silverpelts are quite possibly some of the cutest mobs I have come across!!

 I love how once the quest line is complete you get to see all of the elementals.

 Taking a random path that could lead to anywhere....

 Using Aviana's Feather from the top of the falls makes for some beautiful flight scenery without the constrictions of a flight path.

Overall I think Nagrand is fantastic, the only other place that comes close to its beauty for me is Shadowmoon Valley.

 I love the way it's got that eerie yet, enchanting feel to the forest areas, being Horde it almost feels as if I shouldn't be here, which makes it all the more fun to explore.
 These little guys are pretty awesome, I've ended up accidentally angering a few opposing faction troops and getting myself killed a couple of times, and having less flight paths there makes for a lot of walking to find the nice places but the walk is always worth it....

Places like this just make this game so much more than just leveling, raiding and collecting gear, it makes it a place to enjoy, relax, and enjoy the simple pleasures.

Have a happy Sunday folks!!

Be good xx

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