Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Wow, It's been a whole year since I started my blog, so I've updated it, and added/removed a few bits and pieces :) 

I want to say a huge thank you to the people that have helped me with promoting my little blog, endless retweets and even promotions on their own pages, all of which are appreciated so much, starting a blog can be a little daunting but it makes it so much more comfortable when you have some people to help you out!!

Here are a run down of some of the stats from the blog over the year it has been active:


United States 5127
United Kingdom 2505
Turkey 734
Ukraine 685
France 580
Germany 528
Canada 384
Australia 227
Russia 209
Denmark 184

Operating systems used: 

Windows 9248 (64%)
iphone 1689 (12%)
Macintosh 1284 (9%)
Android 790 (5%)
iPad 415 (3%)
Linux 216 (1%)

Top 5 posts:

The Last Challenging post - The final installment of my challenge mode guide.

On the E-Sofa - Pip's portraits - The interview I did with Philippa who drew my graphics for Lazee and Lady

Another Very Challenging Post - The second of my challenge mode guides.

My name is Cat, and I'm a Mogaholic! - One of my earliest posts displaying my fabulous wardrobe!!

On the E-Sofa - when a Panda meets a Bear and a Draenei - My interview with @Sunnier and @Arielle 

Total pageviews: 13,770

Why start a blog?

I started my blog mainly for me, just as a place to dump my thoughts about playing and other things that interested me. I never actually expected it to get as many views as it has done,so In short, I am really grateful for all the people who have stopped by :)

The future is bright.....

Recently the guild I was in Midlifecrisis have merged with another guild, Addiction, for WoD, I will still be playing my monk of course, however much more likely to be playing MW/WW, it's been a really exciting time for all of us and we are all excited for the release, I have my energy drinks, my snacks and pots and flasks!!

Thanks once again to everyone that's helped make this little blog possible, and here's to another year ^_^

Special thanks:



Enjoy the release guys, and as good ;)


  1. Congratulations! Keeping up a blog for a full year on a regular basis is no easy feat, and you're doing great. Always happy to see your weekly posts pop up. :)