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Unsung heroes 1 - Lazeebow

Happy Friday folks! Today I am starting a small collection of posts about my 'unsung heroes'. My monk is obviously my main toon and I love her dearly, however I also raid on a few other toons, some of which have contributed to guild boss kills, and I felt like giving them some love and credit, as you know I am somewhat of an alt-aholic, and seeing as my monk takes the limelight on the blog I thought it was time to properly introduce you to some of my other babies...I mean toons...ahem. 

So, for this post, ditch your brew, grab your guns, crossbows and your favorite companions, and meet Lazeebow....

It starts....

Lazeebow is my hunter, he's a loveable cuddly Pandaren with a flair for outrageous outfits, a passion for food, alchemy and is also a skilled engineer. Incidently Lazeebow has gone through some rather drastic changes since I rolled him. He was actually born a female goblin called Snoopscout, I rolled this class/race combo to help out my old guild with the stay classy goblin achievement. For all intents and purposes, she was never meant to go past 85, however, spurred on by the prospect of cooler pets being available at 90, I maxed her out, collected a few pets, then left her while I started to level other toons. After a while she went through a race change and became a female orc called Mogdurz - named after the female orc that works in the Gloombound Mine in Skyrim. However I still never played her, and one day while boredom was getting the better of me, I wondered what could possibly want to make me actually play my hunter. Being particularly fond of the male Pandaren I race changed yet again and renamed him Lazeebow, the name was just something that popped into my head at the time while i was thinking about his lore (I like to have a little story behind all my toons). 


Lazeebow was born and raised near HalfHill, his parents were tragically killed by a rampaging mushan when he was young, so he was taken in by the Tillers, who raised him, and put him to work. He was content like this for many years, he worked hard on the farm, helped out at the market, gave people rides to nearby farms, and was a generally well known and loved figure. His pet tiger Cringer was never far away from him, although she was really his only friend. Although he was known by many, he never really had any special person to call his own, and often felt like something of an outcast, it never really bothered him too much, but he always wondered if there was something more out there for him than being a farmer. 
     As a rather portly chap, he was very fond of his food, he met other hunters that stopped by the market, all of them slim, agile creatures, with grace and poise. Even as a very skilled hunter himself, he had about as much grace as mushan, and slim was not a word he ever wanted to associate with himself. Some of them ridiculed him for his size, however he took it all in good humour, in fact, he never got flustered about anything, true to his name, he was one of the laziest Pandaren you would ever come across, although he loved to help people, his favourite activities involved sleeping and sitting in quiet contemplation as the world went about its business. He had adopted this mantra from a wise old brewer by the name of Chen Stormstout, whom he first met as a small cub himself. He had attempted to lasso one of the giant cranes that roamed the skies just outside halfhill, which of course had gone wrong and ended up with him running for his life, even after the giant bird had given up the chase, he kept running, and eventually bumped into Chen, who gave a huge belly laugh and looked down at him and spoke the words that would stick with him forever...
    "Slow is to be savoured".
   After many years Lazee was helping out at the market one day when an orc in some incredibly flashy armor approached the stall he was selling bread from. As usual Lazee chatted away, introducing himself and talking about how wonderful Halfhill was, and offering the orc a taste of the fresh bread. However it wasn't long before he had to ask about the orc's armor, it was red and black, and had spikey shoulders that looked very fearsome, he was wielding two huge swords, with red and black hilts and some glimmering red runes engraved on the blades. It was all very impressive. The orc informed him that he was a mighty warrior, and he was gathering up supplies to visit orgrimmar and compete in the Brawlers Guild. Lazeebow had never heard of such a thing, so he probed the orc with more questions, and discovered that it was a tournament, where entrants had to vanquish many foes, in order to claim the honor and prestige of being the best. What interested him most however was the prize, a mushan beast that he could ride around on. He told the orc that he might just enter himself, at which point the orc threw back his head an laughed, 
"A farmer? In the Brawlers Guild? Are you crazy?!?! You'll get eaten alive by the first round opponent! Have you never heard of Bruce?"
Lazeebow cocked his head to one side and eyed the Warrior up and down.
"If you can do it, why shouldn't I?" He asked quizzically. The orc chuckled, 
"The names Darkguyver, look me up when you get there....if you even make it there" With a sly wink he turned and wandered off. 
Lazeebow knew it was his appearance that was deceptive, dressed in raggedy old clothes and sporting his tillers tarbard with his wooden bow he knew he didn't look like much else than a harmless farmer. Maybe a new outfit would change that....?

    Lazeebow packed up his things and left HalfHill in search of something more, he got himself a shining new set of armor, which he would later become known for wearing. As ostentatious as it was on anyone else, on a huge Pandaren it just looked incredible, he went to the Brawlers Guild, and there, after some quite heavy rivalry with Darkguyver, they both managed to fight their way to the top and earn their prizes. It wasn't until they discovered arena matches that the pair really bonded, and became firm friends. They spent their time competing against other pairs in their bid to become champions, they traveled Azeroth looking for more interesting armor and tougher foes to vanquish.

Being a hunter doesn't always mean you get the crap jobs....

That's actually a lie, being a mobile dps that has only one castable ability that can be cast on the move anyway means you get ALL the crap jobs, but are they actually crap? Most of the time, doing these jobs enables your raid to kill bosses, and in the case of the one I am going to focus on shortly, means you actually get away with not having to deal with a lot of horrible boss abilities. I've used Lazeebow to help our guild get their first heroic Thok kill and more recently, Siegecrafter. I play Beast Mastery as my main spec, with Marksman as my OS but I only use this for PvP. It's not that i don't like survival, it just doesn't play as well for me personally as BM does. I understand that this may end up being to my detriment where I know that survival is better for some fights that BM is, and if it came down to the difference between a kill and a wipe I would switch.Even though Lazee hasn't even broken 570 Ilvl yet, he can still keep up with dps just fine, as I have spent a lot of time playing PvP on him, I have noticed my reactions are quicker and I can take preventative action for incoming issues without having to think about it too hard, thus making me a more capable player, even though my main role is a tank.

Belt Duty - spending hours on a giant treadmill and losing NO weight.

As myself and the other hunter in our group can obviously just go round and round on belts each time, we spend the entire fight not having to deal with any sawblades, lasers, bombs or magnets. To be honest, once you get comfortable with the matter purification beam rotation and work out your cds, the belts are a doddle. This is a short desctiption of how we managed our cds so that we could ensure we did the 10m damage to each item on the belts. 

Note: If you have even a flex AoC as i do, and it is fully upgraded, you will have Bestial Wrath available for each belt. Very importantly, if you do not have at least this trinket on flex fully upgraded you will not have a short enough cooldown on disengage to get onto the belts on time!!
Belt 1:
This belt is the easiest, both of us pre pot, get bloodlust, and use nothing more than Bestial Wrath, and kill command with Arcane shot, it is usually dead within around 5 seconds.
Belt 2:
For this belt I used Rapid Fire.
Belt 3: 
I use my stampede
Belt 4:
The other hunter uses his stampede, my Rapid fire is back up and it should die before it reaches the second set of beams.
Belt 5:
I use my gloves again, the other hunter uses his second pot, we both use BW
Belt 6: 
I use my second pot, other hunter uses his gloves and we both use BW
Belt 7: 
Anything and everything we have, my gloves are back up for this one and so is Rapid fire.
Belt 8:
As the other hunter has a heroic AoC he re uses stampede.
Belt 9:
My second stampede is up.
Belt 10: 
Finish off the boss!!

This is just the basic "big" cds that we used, obviously we both use glaive toss, kill command etc on cd. 
Talents & Glyphs: 
Posthaste and Glyph of Disengage are vital, or you will not make the distance to the belt!
Fervor is nice for extra focus though I found Thrill of the Hunt to be better for me personally. 
Spirit Bond - this is quite important, you have next to no healing on the belts (depending on where your raid team is tanking blackfuse), and for us the healers were all the way on the opposite side of the room, so having spirit bond to heal you while on the belt after you take a tick of overlaod is great.
Glyph of Deterrence - great for when you have to run through fire to reach the pipe
Glyph of Liberation - again, just a little help with healing, especially for when you are disengaging onto the belt, the ticks of overload are quite heavy and having those little touches just make it safer.
I took a spirit pet, purely because it has a self heal. Pet can be somewhat buggy on the belts where you disengage up, so after many trials of different things, I settled on climbing the pipe, dismissing my pet, then re-summoning it as soon as I land, this way your pet stays with you and you get the maximum use from spirit bond.

Lazeebows Wardrobe and Companions.

 This is by far my favorite outfit, mostly because its bright and looks outrageous on a male Pandaren. It is the complete set from Ahn'Qiraj, including the bow. It's the set I currently use for PvE. The pet pictured with me is Mayhem (Originally Ban'tholos) my spirit owl, in my eyes he is one of the best looking hunter pets in the game. For PvE I always carry him, a sporebat for spell haste, a Hynena for attack speed, a wolf for crit and any other pet I desire, or anything the raid needs.

This is my current PvP set, its an old set of PvP gear which I bought for HP in the sewers in Dalaran, the bow drops from Illidan. Pets are quite variable for PvP, my go to pet is Mowgli because he gives me a crit buff, as this benefits myself and my partner who is a warrior. I like to have a carrion bird handy, as it reduces damage taken, a small raven or a gull for disarms, and a crab for stuns. Depending on the comp we are against, I will ususally use one of those pets listed.

So there you have it! Lazeebow in all his glory, complete with crazy clothes and fabulous pets. Next week I shall uncover another of my unsung heroes, until good ;)

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